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People of Earth I'll be hanging out in PDX August 26-29th, I have a few friends there but am always down to make more. No plans to tattoo while I'm there, but I guess that's subject to change if theres any interest. If you're in the Portland area and want to show a brotha around, please message me!


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Such a bad week for me, crazy busy at my jobs and when not at work have to watch my son, but maybe we can grab a beer or something. What part of town are you staying?

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I won't be in Portland, but if you like Thai food you should checkout Lemongrass. It is reasonably close to the Ace. The food is incredible. It is also very spicy.

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Lemongrass is right down the street from our shop! Stop by Fortune Tattoo if you get a chance! We're across the river from the Ace Hotel on SE 17th & Burnside. Have fun!!

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