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    i have been tattooing since 2004. learning more every day.
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    athens, GA
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    painitng, gardening, playing music
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  1. Flash Set For Sale

    Hey All- So i finally got around to getting some prints made from a flash set i painted at the end of the 2013 year. It's 5 sheets, archival inks on arches cold press paper. $50 for the set, free shipping in the US. I accept paypal to or it can be purchased through my site: here. Thanks for looking.
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    square knot
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  7. yeah that sucks bad. I was one of the many who got Greg Calhoon-ed...but i also would assume that Marv had a good rep since he kind of runs with some of the machine building big dogs. Karma is a bitch, and she will take you out quick if you're not careful. good luck dude.
  8. What's In A Name?

    Uncle Knuckles Ink slingin' Tat Shack. you could throw "wizard" or "dragon" in there somewhere as well.
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