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  1. At our shop we tke $40 deposits.. I feel it out. if it's a small tat and i know its scheduled for the day after someones payday or it's a regular client i'm lenient - but for days like saturday and friday that are big money earners its a definite must. we do a $40 deposit that comes off the overall cost of the tattoo. If we get 24 hours notice we move the apt, less than that they lose the deposit..we're pretty fair about it, but we need to make a living too :) I think it's fairly standard.. Kind of unavoidable ...at the end of the day if it wasnt about money on some level we would all be just painting at home or doing it for free..lol..
  2. Whenever I put on a fad tattoo I make it a point to not judge a person's decision..its whatever makes them happy... but here we get "believe" every 3rd sitting.. feathers turning into birds, blowing daisies turning into birds.. a lot of shit turning into BIRDS.... the NEWEST trend is randomly writing "Ohana" on people..... sigh
  3. Since I know a lot of your ride, wondering if any of you may have some info that could help me out:) I'm in Canada - and I've been looking at a few older harleys in the USA .. Wondering what the process to bring bikes into canada is (registering.. the hassle of it all) Have any of you had any experiences private purchasing bikes internationally? Thanks!!
  4. We often have people come with toddlers and infants and expect to just leave them in the waiting area and it is not safe... We can't control what our clients say/ profanity/ the kids could run into someone and cause an endangerment to themselves and to us... so we strongly discourage folks from bringing YOUNG children to a shop.. we are not babysitters. on the same note however if you have a well behaved child who is old enough to understand what is going on and behave it is no issue whatsoever. We have no sign - we just think of safety first.. strictly safety. When I am on the client end, my biggest pet peeve is people having huge conversations on my dime then clocking it on the time, or acting like they are god and i am oh-so-fortunate to be getting a tattoo from them. nomatter what your talent level, you are paying your bills because of your clients, and there has to be some mutual respect.
  5. Hello from the maritimes! Welcome
  6. Other tattooers pretentious attitudes still top this list.. but as for clients... people just barging when im in the back and coming to the back of the shop like they own the place... thats a peeve...
  7. As I posted my thread curious about these dates- can you guys enlighten me on some of the special days you've seen go down are? other than the 13th, halloween, and random flash days?
  8. Hey guys So when I posted about "sales" a lot of you posted back about really awesome promos your shops or local shops had been doing (flash day, the classic fri 13th, daffodiles for cancer etc). Inspired by this our shop actually did a flash style promo day (not a sale lol) that kicked absolute ass (and for me as an apprentice, really got my name out there to our clients) so thank you for the inspiration. (NOTE: I should mention when i was discussing "sales" there was a shop around here that was advertising 8 hours of tattoos for 500$ or something ridiculous on the radio..like an INSANE "sale" using the word "sale" and it was just..tacky and BAD) While "sales" are something we will never do..cool promos like you all had discussed instead are really neat ideas. Can you guys list any cool "theme day promos" etc you have encountered? We are trying to think up one for june.. and moving forward I have a list of what the months are associated with BUT its really not that cool..so any input would be awesome. :)thanks guys
  9. Yeh..When I met my hubby he had no tattoos.. I am heavily tattooed but none on my arms or chest so I can hide it easily.. I came with a disclaimer:P You don't like ink, do not unwrap this present. lol.
  10. Chillin on the couch with two happy cats that have not seen me nearly enough this week (a lot of later than normal nights at the shop). Having a day off..probably braving giving my mother a pedicure (its mothers day)..
  11. ive been muttering/ yelling a lot of profanity at 20 something year old boys... ..only girl in the shop..lol... only girl in a shop in the city.... ...*goes cross eyed* ive seen things i cant unsee lol
  12. good points! I guess I'm just seeing a lot of people get weird things for the sake of them being weird, on purpose, for humour.lol. i'm sure this is not new, its just like a massive spike in the behavior.
  13. It's wonderful to see a woman put her children before a need to be validated by a man/her relationship etc.. It's even MORE wonderful to see a woman STAY GONE. cheers to you - tough cookie - your children will have a wonderful example of what it means to truly be strong.
  14. Speaking of apprentices..this is my first day taking a full day of bookings.. wish me luck. lol. *nervously fidgets with coffee cup*
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