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  1. Yes I love it! It turned out awesome. Thank you
  2. Or this minus the eye at top
  3. Ive been scouring the internet for twin peaks tattoos. Heres one I like I may go with or try to build off of
  4. Heres one I found online that is somewhat what I imagined with my first idea. Tho I find this one a little empty so wanted to add more to it.
  5. Sorry, yes I do understand this. Thank you for the advice
  6. Yes thank you!! The tattoo artist is the owner of Northern Sword Tattoos in Saint John, New Brunswick. I'm sure he is a talented guy but I do have slight concern he won't understand Twin Peaks or what I'm going for. TP is very important to me so I want it to be perfect naturally.
  7. My other idea is this symbol but with the red curtain/black and white flooring in the center part. That any better of an idea?
  8. Damn well ok then lol. I appreciate the honesty really. My consultation visit isnt for another month so I have time to figure something out hopefully
  9. Pics from show for reference
  10. Here is my crappy drawing of my design. For any Twin Peaks fans out there it is the red room, with the red curtain and black and white flooring. The curtain blowing open to show the entry point at the ring of sycamore trees and the owl symbol. Thoughts anyone? I am nervous my idea wont translate to a tattoo. For placement I'm thinking inner left arm. Considering having the red curtain and flooring wrapping around my arm with the curtain open at the forearm. Thanks in advance everyone
  11. What's up everybody? Tyler here from New Brunswick, canada. I am 28 years old and have known I was going to get a tattoo for a long time and am finally doing it. Joining this group so I can show my design and get feedback. I am no artist so any criticism or ideas or ok. I'll be posting in the tattoo design section. My consultation visit is August 14th and I'm looking forward to it.
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