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  1. $400 seems like a LOT for an idea this simple and small. it's usually by the hour i thought, like $150/hr seems to be around the standard.
  2. I usually bring my ideas to my artist and since he knows better about placement regarding muscular shapes and whatnot, he’ll tell me whether something will work or not in that area. As someone who likes tattoos but isn’t a tattoo artist, I always forget that the shape of the muscle and the way it moves needs to be considered. For the most part, my ideas have been able to work on where I wanted them but maybe a slight alteration in placement and/or design that still ends up working for both per my artist’s expertise
  3. Btw, so since I’ve never had a tattoo heal with this much heavy scabbing and scarring (other than the typical slightly raised outlined scars), are there any issues long term with tattoos that healed with more scarring than usual? like I know you’re supposed to keep the scar out of the sun for like the first year or so, but since this is on my arm, if it gets too much sunlight will the scarring grow bigger or feel harder or get darker or any other issue? Or will it remain the same or get flatter or lighter etc? Anyone have any advice or input at all regarding scarring in tattoos in general
  4. Hey thanks! Anytime I swat at an actual fly, my fly tattoo looks at me and makes me feel like a real asshole lol
  5. Yeah you’re definitely right regarding those heavy scabs and long healing time, thanks. I’m just relieved it’s turning out not as bad as I thought it would so far. Here it is just now, 24 hours after the final scab came off. The day after all the scabs came off always looked better I noticed. I know you’re right tho, I’m keeping in mind to give it another month, thanks for your comment.
  6. Update: after three weeks the scabs finally came off. It’s not too bad. Some scarring where the nastier looking scab occurred and the only real color loss/distortion is in the small left corner outline. What do you think? All of the smaller lightning bolts scabbed up pretty heavily (of course not as bad as the big one) and left little scars when their scabs came off but they’ve already kinda settled in and aren’t that noticeable anymore, maybe the big one will too. It’s not GREAT but it’s also definitely not as bad as I thought it would be considering how nasty that scab was. I’ll let it sett
  7. Update so far, 13 days since I got it. The smallest one’s scab fell off first, looks ok. The second one fell off yesterday, it looks like the skin under a scab still, kinda raw and muddy looking, hopefully will get better. The big first one is looking better, but the nasty scab is still stuck on, I’m praying it won’t just be bare skin when it falls off, some of it is lifted and it’s very oniony milky wrinkly underneath and clouded, eager to see what it will look like when normal skin returns. The third one also had a deeper scab but it’s really small and I suspect that one will be ok. Overall,
  8. If it’s leaking outside the bandage, which it sounds like it is, you have to just remove it and just heal it normally is what I’ve been told. Makes sense too, if stuff is coming out then it’s no longer sealed to prevent things from going in
  9. you don't like it because of how it looks or because how much your body is covered?
  10. The tattoo I posted about recently has zero meaning and no significance to me whatsoever other than that it looks super cool and I am just as anxious about it healing wrong and would be so sad and upset also on a spiritual level, so I get where you’re coming from lol
  11. It’s on my inner forearm. Here’s how it looks today when I woke up. I think it had a little crack overnight 😕 you can kinda see it in the weird discolored part. I don’t think it’s infection because as you can see the other smaller lighting bolts have the same kind of hard stubborn scabbing, just that the bigger one has the cracking and discoloration. unless maybe there was a minor infection in that bigger one but somehow healed itself from washing while it was still tiny and before it got a chance to grow into a bigger infection. Is that possible? why do you guys th
  12. Ok, thank you. and to be clear, you don’t think it got infected right? With that cracked area with the yellowish scabbing. It is 9 days old.
  13. Thank you for your reply. So you think there’s nothing more going on other than just a heavy scab that will take longer than usual to flake off right? ive never had a tattoo scab up this much before and was concerned and thought infection when I saw dried up yellow in bits of it in the scab, but someone told me it was dried plasma which makes sense there’d be that much since it’s scabbed so thick and heavy. I’ve just been doing the usual wash 1-2 a day with antibacterial soap and light unscented lotion, is there anything I should be doing more for a scab like this? Also, ha
  14. I think it might actually just be irritated scar tissue from the antibacterial soap I’ve been using on the new one right next to it. But check out my post about that, can you give me your input? It’s such a small tattoo yet having a rougher heal 😞
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