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  1. My parent hate my tattoos. They're both 70, and they still think that only sailors or gang members have tattoos. They have literally said that to me. I have one of a skeleton, and that did not go over well at all. 🤷‍♀️ We've had a couple of fights about them, but we know there's no turning back at this point. I actually had a talk with my mom recently and told her that her "funny jokes" (also known as her thinly veiled dislike) about my tattoos were hurtful and not nice. Too soon to say if anything will actually change based on that, but the point is, none of us want my tattoos to ruin ou
  2. You're totally right; of course a tattoo will look upside down at some point. It definitely wasn't a rational reaction. I think it was partly just that I got the tattoo a bit on a whim, so I hadn't mentally prepared myself, but to your point, I do think I was worried about how other people would react as well. The good news is that I feel much better about the tattoo now. I'm not in love with it, but it also doesn't bother me anymore, so I'm considering that a win.
  3. So here's my update on day 5. I don't 100% love the tattoo, but I'm 80% ok with it, so that's progress. I've been following my patented process of covering up the tattoo so that I can't see it mixed with forcing myself to look at it so that I get used to it, which somehow helps. I also read about half of this forum and looked at a lot of pictures of laser removal and coverups, which helped me understand that I have lots of options if I never end up fully ok with the tattoo and want to do something about it. It seems like the general consensus is to wait a number of months before doing anything
  4. Thanks, I think I'll get there. I already feel better about it today than I did yesterday. I'm used to being the black sheep of the (somewhat traditional, Jewish) family, but tattoos are a much more visible representation of that status than my lack of spouse or children. 😂 I think I just need a minute to mentally adjust.
  5. Hi everyone, I just got my fifth tattoo yesterday kind of spur of the moment, and now I'm having some regrets. That has happened to me with some of my other planned tattoos, so I'm hoping I'll get used to it at some point like I did with those. This image shows my two most recent tattoos. (Sorry for my horrible photography skills.) They're both based on the book the Phantom Tollbooth, which I loved as a kid. I originally didn't get the part with the car when I got the telescope a month or so ago. I went back for a touch up yesterday and decided to get it while I was there. It's obviously
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