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  1. Hey guys, got a big piece done of my shoulder on Saturday and my artist gave me vague aftercare instructions. He told me to clean it after taking the second skin off but didn’t mention what do after? I have other tattoos from when I was younger and I honestly remembering... cleaning them once and just moisturizing them after that? I also asked my fiancé who has full sleeves if he washed his everyday and he said no. I’m on day four and I wash it at nighttime with antibacterial soap and pat dry and then I put on a thin layer of luberderm on at morning and night. I keep it covered
  2. Hi guys, Today I got my shoulder inked and my artist put second skin on it to cover it up. He said I can leave it for a few days or just take it off tomorrow morning. When I got home I noticed how much pooling liquid there was and I know that’s normal but when I sat on my couch a huge gush came out and all the pooled up ink escaped. I’ve only had the second skin on for 2 hours. I’m assuming it will get all over my bed sheets tonight but I’m worried it’s going to get infected because it’s leaking?
  3. Hey, I accidentally burnt my shoulder today (has never happened before...) and in 6 days I’m supposed to get my shoulder tattoo touched up and adding to it... (right where I burnt it) The tattoo artist has been really hard to get a hold of and after months of waiting, I’d hate to lose this appointment. I know they won’t ink a sunburn but do you think it will heal in time and even if it does, do you think it’s a good idea to tattoo the shoulder? Not a terrible burn and no pain but I’m very worried.
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