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  1. We went over the few lines in the dove and darkened them up a bit. He finished up a few spots he didn’t get to in my last session and just over all we tightened everything up. Came out beautiful. I love it!
  2. Thanks for the inputs and compliments everyone!! It’s much appreciated!
  3. I have some hustle butter. That did seem to work a little. Still think I’m going to see can add more black in the lined areas of the wings. I’m afraid some of these lines aren’t going to age well.
  4. Got this 2 weeks ago. I believe a have a beautiful tattoo. A true piece of art. But I feel like I lost a lot of black in the dove. I know tattoos lighten up when they heal. But I feel some these lines in the dove are a little much on the lighten scale. I go for touch ups tomorrow and hope my artist agrees with me. I sent him pictures but he said it looks fine to him.
  5. Thank you! I still love the tattoo! Like I said after touch ups on Sunday I’m sure it’ll go back to day 1 glory! I’m a mechanic and I believe some scabs may have gotten knocked off at work a little early so I lost some line work here and there. Think once that’s all fixed I’ll feel better!
  6. So now that everything is pretty much healed.. I go back for touch ups this Sunday… some of the detail really lightened up. But while he’s in there I may tell him to add some texture or shading in it yet. I love the tattoo. I’m just not sure how I feel about using my skin color to “color” the dove rather than black and grey shading or adding some white. What do you guys think?!
  7. Well guys I finished this thing up on Saturday! Added the dove, light rays, and clouds! Came out beautiful! Really considering making this into a sleeve. Trying to figure out ideas that could flow with the design. thought about an eyeball with my brother and I’s silhouettes in the reflection for my inner arm.
  8. Thanks! Next Saturday is the big day!
  9. Thank you! Can’t wait to finish this up in august! I’ll post a picture once it’s done!
  10. Awesome! Sounds good! Not sure we got any coca butter here at the house. I do have some cerave daily moisturizer here. Will that work in the mean time? It’s fragrance free if that helps any?
  11. Just got my first tattoo. Curious to see if any tattoo experts can chime in on the look of this heal? I’ve been using hustle butter 2-3 times a day since day one. Scabs look to be coming off and skin Is still peeling. Got the tattoo a week ago Saturday. It has a very light coat of hustle butter on in this picture.
  12. Hi guys. Been using hustlebutter (recommended by my artist) on my healing tattoo from the beginning. It’s been about a week.. and now I have some flesh colored/redish bumps near the tattoo but not on the tattoo it’s self. The product took me a bit to get used to. So in the beginning maybe I was using a bit much? Should I switch to just a regular lotion? This is my first tattoo so it’s all new to me.
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