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  1. The dreaded tattoo regret

    The latest addition, done today. Love it!
  2. What's the "correct" way to do things

    Yeah, I understand that for sure, I just recognize certain styles have guideline implications. Just wanna make sure there were none associated. All kinda new to me. Appreciate the input
  3. What's the "correct" way to do things

    At the rate I'm going, one. Haven't found a real reason to consider using multiple
  4. I'm beginning the process of wrapping my lower leg. I'm somewhat new to the tattoo scene. I do know there are no "rules" but more of a practice with certain styles. I am maintaining a fully traditional style. From the majority of what I've seen of traditional work, there is space left between each separate peace and sometimes filled in with the dots and stars. My question is. I've seen some cases where all of the tattoos overlap, leaving no vacant skin between them. Is this practice frowned upon from a traditional standpoint? Thanks in advance
  5. The dreaded tattoo regret

    Sorry, this was the reference I went in with. I'll also get a photo without my leg elevated, it's making it look a bit warped
  6. The dreaded tattoo regret

    Thanks, yeah. The more I look at it, it's growing on me. At the same rate, the more you get the less each stand out! Lol
  7. The dreaded tattoo regret

    Helmet is a little warped in the photo.
  8. The dreaded tattoo regret

    I got a new one done yesterday. Thought, in my opinion, it is done extremely well, I'm not super excited about it not looking like what I wanted, upon going in. I brought more of a neo traditional reference to my traditional artist, so he made changes putting his twist on things. Any of you ever, I'm sure it happens, get some work done and come out like... Ehhh, should have thought this through a little more!?
  9. B/G realism question

    Just curious on the perception. The hyper-realism b/g style that has become really popular in the past couple years, what's the longterm healed going to leave you with? I know there is more technology in the inks to stay, but will the lughter shading hold 20 years, and still be readable? Sry if this has been covered. Couldn't find anything
  10. Lower leg tattoo placement opinions

    Thanks! Yeah, I've been getting a consistent response to drop the flowers off the bottom. I'll probably go that route. It was done by Daniel Mesen at Black Torch in Baton Rouge, LA I'll probably be going back to him for any of my traditional work.
  11. Lower leg tattoo placement opinions

    So still messing around with the concept, kinda where im at. Wasn't a fan of having so much floral. So lost the rose on the helmet. Not sold on the star.. Thoughts???
  12. Lower leg tattoo placement opinions

    Cool deal. Pretty sure a variation of this is up next
  13. hey, im going through the "i just got my first tattoo overthought" phase. I just wanted some input. i know the common response will be, EFF them, do whatever you want. but none the less, its whats stuck in my head. i know lower leg tattoos are about substantially less common than arm and upper body. any idea as to why? i like my tattoo and its location. is it odd that i only have on my leg? i know i cant just come out the gate with several, gotta start somewhere. i have the detrimental WAITING LIST to have my upper arm done... i guess just looking for a little reassurance from the online community. planning to keep the leg traditional style... It's 6 days old. Healing very well
  14. Tiger tattoos

    Mine from Saturday
  15. hey!

    Hey, it's a staple that never gets old. IMO. If it's worked this long don't fix it. I think us rookies are limited in our creativity... I'll be keeping my leg the "traditional" look