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  1. Ended up going with a mandala over the knee. Did the skin rip along the bottom because my other piece came up too high to allow for the full circle.
  2. This what I've got going on with the front of my leg. I'm planning to do the kneecap next. Was thinking an animal head. But after consulting with my artist, he recommended to do something else because the head would run into the torch to maintain the spacing. I was thinking to possibly go with a crab or a moth. With the moth, if needed, could intersect with the torch making it one piece. Due to the commonality of moths and light. Just looking for any other ideas (no snakes or skulls). Otherwise open TIA
  3. I think my next piece will be the kneecap. Thoughts on the fitment of a moth there. When I added the rose (last piece), we talked about an animal head, and he mentioned the torch was placed too high go accommodate the lower jaw to fall out right on there. I'm trying to come up with something that would provide for good fitment with minimal straight lines because of the movement of the joint. And another thought was to put something on each side of the knee that would overlap into the center. Just looking for thoughts. Tia
  4. A little bloody and covered with saniderm. But came out pretty well. I'll repost once I clean it
  5. Scheduled for the 19th. Reference I sent, should be good to go. Would it be incorrect to have it overlap my other pieces a little? Want to make it as large as possible.
  6. I've got the back done ankle to knee. I guess filler was an incorrect term. Just looking for idea to put in the area. Lol
  7. Oh I'm not worried about size. Lol. With this style I want to make sure it is cohesive, since each piece doesn't overlap into the other.
  8. I'm working on keeping a traditional style on my leg, right now. Currently have a lady face on inner calf, tiger and dagger on outer and eagle on the calf. I'm wanting to fill-in my shin and the areas below the lady face and tiger. Not a fan of snakes, bit open to pretty much anything. Wanting to do the shin next. I know it'll be tricky because of the bone shape causing things to appear warped if there are straight lines. figured I'd stop in here and bounce around some ideas before going to my artist. Here are some photos of the open areas
  9. Got a bit of a newbie question. I've got 3 rather decent size pieces on my lower leg, pretty much covering it. I know the typical response is "screw what everyone else thinks" but looking for a bit more of an answer, if possible. I don't have any issue with having these seen, wear shorts all the time and so forth. I have been on a waiting list for nearly a year now with Jay Quarles at Black 13 in Nashville, and my time is coming up this month to schedule a session in August. We discussed doing a shoulder to elbow piece. Which I do want. I just have this thing in my head about having work on my
  10. The latest addition, done today. Love it!
  11. Yeah, I understand that for sure, I just recognize certain styles have guideline implications. Just wanna make sure there were none associated. All kinda new to me. Appreciate the input
  12. At the rate I'm going, one. Haven't found a real reason to consider using multiple
  13. I'm beginning the process of wrapping my lower leg. I'm somewhat new to the tattoo scene. I do know there are no "rules" but more of a practice with certain styles. I am maintaining a fully traditional style. From the majority of what I've seen of traditional work, there is space left between each separate peace and sometimes filled in with the dots and stars. My question is. I've seen some cases where all of the tattoos overlap, leaving no vacant skin between them. Is this practice frowned upon from a traditional standpoint? Thanks in advance
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