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  1. submitted an idea to the artist, which included some mechanical elements. he offered to do just the portrait, but i think that looks a little empty imo. so trying to figure out some elements he would be good with doing. giving him more or less creative freedom within the style i want to go with.... just waiting for a reply. is it too wishywashy of me to tell him to come up with something? i have a general idea of what i like, but to me its more about the artwork than the elements included. i'm new to all this but dont want to come across that way. i know alot of first timers have unrealistic expectations of elements to be included, im kinda, yeah whatever looks good....
  2. ive decided on going with Jay Quarles from Black 13 in Nashville. he's the most accessible for me, beings ive got friends in that area, so travel arrangements are a little easier. appreciate all the input. He's booked about 10 months out, but told me he gets about 4-7 cancellations a month, so its plausible to get in much sooner. i think hes pretty solid and concise in his application, detailed but not over the top thatll disappear later down the road.
  3. I agree, I'll continue the hunt...
  4. I contacted @shark_hudson to see if he could provide ant reference of a female face just to get an idea of how he handles human anatomy. Sent me this, I think it's done well. I know things soften and smooth out in B/G as they heal
  5. Yeah, I gotcha. I'll probably go meet with em. Appreciate the insight
  6. Some opinion on this guy? He seems pretty consistent Instagram @shark_hudson
  7. Considering starting things off similar to the stencil attached. Minus the clown additions. Would the two photo references be sufficient to use. I dont want it done as a "portrait" but would like some similarly to the wife's photos. Thanks in advance
  8. Appreciate the info. Yeah, gotta love a good lil "storm", fail again lol
  9. Eric guidry, @ericguidryart Is one of my better local options, but not quite the styling I'm looking for
  10. I'm good with traveling. I'm just south of New Orleans. I'm good with a few hours (max 4-5hr). Something I can travel there and back in the same day.
  11. im considering the smooth b/g style, realism look, not really into heavy linework. i ultimately intend to end up with a single sleeve. i appreciate the large single designs that cover a large area. but for me, i prefer going with several elements to cover my arm. is it better to progress with something like this from the shoulder down, or just go with your larger main pieces and fill in the gaps over time? i intend to use one artist for the whole thing, once i find a b/g in this area im good with.. suggestions???
  12. new guy here... from Louisiana. I'm inexperienced. I'll try and not bombard with rhetorical questions...