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  1. Dan is 100% right. You are exponential more liable to F*** it up than fix it.
  2. If you think a forum for tattoo enthusiasts is a good market to sell tattoo machines and tattoo supplies, have at it. I'm providing you with information about who comes to this forum. You may use that information however you like.
  3. Not really what this forum is about. It’s for tattoo enthusiasts, not Tattooers.
  4. Given the hundreds of millions of people around the world with tattoos and no reported effects of weed (at least I’ve never heard or read about it), I think you’re safe.
  5. There's no way to tell what it will look like until the scab comes off. Just let it heal and hope for the best. You can always get it touched up if it's really noticeable.
  6. Whoever said any type of massage can affect a tattoo doesn’t know what they are talking about. A tattoo is a physical substance under your skin. They are going to massage so hard the will dislodge it??? Relax and enjoy your massage.
  7. Oozing isn’t good. I’d keep an eye on it. If it gets red, painful and doesn’t stop oozing in a couple of days I’d see a doctor. If it’s oozing, I wouldn’t put moisturizer on it. Just keep it clean, maybe a dab of antibiotic ointment.
  8. Friends don't let friends drink and post.
  9. You'll get better advice if you post a picture. Again, tattoos can take 6 - 8 weeks to heal, longer if they went in rough. If it isn't oozing,, extremely painful, doesn't smell you're probably OK, but I'm not a doctor, so if you're worried go see a doctor.
  10. They lied. Tattoos don't fully heal in two weeks ... unless maybe if you're getting a tiny tattoo with a few lines.
  11. Tattoos take 4-6 weeks AT A MINIMUM to heal. I don't know why tattoo artists don't tell their clients this. At least half of the posts from newbies are about new or very recent tattoos. Unless your tattoo is hot, oozing, smells, or hurts really bad, leave it alone and let it heal. Tattoos almost always look great the day you get them. They almost always look awful at some point during the healing process. Every tattoo artist should tell this to their clients.
  12. I know I'm going to hell for posting this, but I can't stop laughing.
  13. Well, I’ve healed more tattoos than most doctors. I’m almost done with a body suit. I have well over 200 hours in the chair, probably closer to 300.
  14. I’m not a doctor, so if the doctor says OK, I’d go for it. Maybe start out with small sections, allow them to heal before starting another section. I’d also either walk, bicycle, or use an elliptical every day to keep her circulation going.
  15. Totally normal. Many people experience temporary regret after they get a tattoo too. I’ve never had it, but apparently it wears off pretty quickly. If you are going to a reputable artist, just trust them. The reality is, unless you run around with no shirt a lot, it’s not like a lot of people will see it anyway. The main thing is for YOU to be happy. Good luck and let us know how it went, with a pic.
  16. I think most people here are going to say, man up. I’ve never used helpers and have completed most of a body suit, which includes most body parts. Learn how to relax and breathe through the pain. Deep breath in, let out while they are tattooing. Repeat.
  17. What the F*** are you talking about you F***ing idiot??? No one wants to go to your shitty writing website.
  18. I hope so. But look on the bright side. It will almost certainly heal well and although it might not be in the Tattoo Hall of Fame for the all time best tattoo, it's not an embarrassing mess. I doubt most people would even look twice at it. Put some really nice tattoos on your arm and you won't even notice that it's there. Good luck.
  19. Why would you go back to the same artist who caused blowouts and scarring? It’s unlikely to get worse as it heals. I would let it heal for several months and then find a GOOD artist to see what they can do with it. You don’t necessarily need a cover up, but you do need a good, qualified artist.
  20. It's not healed. 6 days is not long enough to judge how it's going to look. Given how heavy they went, you could be looking at 8 weeks or longer for it to really heal. I wouldn't go back there if they paid you.
  21. I’d see a doctor. I read an article about a guy that got an infection which triggered a reaction to the red ink in his tattoos. When the infection was healed, the reaction went away. Apparently it’s very rare, but it’s a thought.
  22. It’s going. Tell us a little about yourself and share pics of your tattoos if you are comfortable doing that.
  23. White ink didn’t hurt me more than any other, but my skin is really pale and it looked like I hadn’t been tattooed at all. It was the kimono of my Japanese warrior and my artist wound up redoing it in pale green. No more white ink for me.
  24. The very fact that you have a tattoo will upset some people. Why are you worried about what other people think? Also, laser treatments are not going to return your skin to the original condition. It very likely you’ll still be able to see it even after expensive, painful treatments.
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