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  1. Simple tattoos are the hardest because there is no place to hide. Leave it alone, no one will notice.
  2. We're so mean because we don't like being used? Got it.
  3. Hogrider


    Shame on your artist for not going over the healing process with you. The flakes are DEAD skin. DEAD. DEAD. They aren't coming back and they are of no use to you. Just put the smallest possible amount of lotion possible on and the DEAD skin is going to flake off.
  4. Hogrider


    First, tattoos itch while they heal. Second of all, quit drowning it. You're using way too much lotion, I can see that from the pic. The goal of the lotion is so that it doesn't dry out, it's not to cover it with a protective coat. Last, it takes 4 -6 weeks to heal so just don't look at it until then.
  5. Nothing says commitment like your first post looking for something.
  6. What kind of numb nutted Jack ass hands a 2 year old a tattoo machine? That qualifies as child endangerment. Every time you think you’ve seen the dumbest thing ever, some other dipshit digs a little deeper.
  7. +1 these people think the universe revolves around them!
  8. For God’s sake get over yourself. Blah, blah, blah, whine, whine, whine. On to my ignore list.
  9. Being an ass hole is not a good way to become part of a community. We LIKE @oboogie, you, not so much. Best to unknot those panties and learn some manners before you post again.
  10. LET IT HEAL! It takes 4 -6 week to heal. You won't know what it's going to look like until then and there is nothing you can do about touching it up until it heals.
  11. I'd let the artist know, but I doubt there is anything you can do about it. Having raised lines after 6 months is not normal.
  12. Two weeks out it doesn’t matter. I use cocoa butter year round to keep my skin moisturized. Dry skin is never good.
  13. You've answered your own question.
  14. Especially when they don't know jack schitt. He's a Richard Cranium, he'll slink off with his tail between his legs soon enough.
  15. You may be an old fart, but you're right. I'm an old fart too.
  16. I’m calm and with more than 200 hours in the chair a hell of a lot more educated than you. Also done with you. Onto my ignore list you go.
  17. Welcome to the internet!
  18. If he doesn’t like that, he won’t like anything.
  19. There are HUNDREDS of threads on numbing cream on this site??
  20. They spend too much time thinking about how cool they’ll be and too little time thinking about this artist, the design, the aftercare, the stigma, and the fact that unlike on TV, having one removed isn’t a painless 10 minute process that leaves the skin looking like new. in short, they don’t think the whole thing through.
  21. You’re blowing my mind here. You really never gave any thought to how people would view you before you basically got your lower arm covered????? Wow!! A little late to be thinking about that. No amount of lasering will make that disappear completely. I never had the tattoo anxiety thing so I can’t relate, but just keep reminding yourself that there is nothing you can do at this point. Even if you wanted to make changes or laser it, you need to wait until it completely heals. not to beat you up specifically because it happens a lot, but I’m constantly amazed by how little though people put into getting something permanent inked onto their skin.