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  1. If you going to be a shill, don't be so obvious. Maybe find someone who speaks English as a first language to write for you too.
  2. Hard to say without seeing it. A couple of general observations. It takes 4-8 week to heal so if you're in that window, relax. Second, thin, delicate skin is most prone to blowouts; it can happen to any artist. Last YOU CAN'T FIX IT!!!! People ask all the time. The ink is spreading out in the skin, there is no way to undo that. You can't suck the ink back out.
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    Blow outs don't fade. It's ink that's spread.
  4. I had my sleeve extended about an inch after a few years. You could definitely tell right after it was done, but after a while, it blended nicely.
  5. You may want to put this on hold. What if you change your mind again? People have extremely unrealistic expectations regarding lasering off tattoos and starting again.
  6. +1 Why on earth would he start work without an appointment?
  7. Live with it before you do anything else. I've seen more people go from bad to worse to worser because they are in a big hurry to "fix" something. Take your time, plan it out, make sure you discuss what YOU think went wrong with your next artist, find out EXACTLY how they intend to fix it, get recommendations. First rule of coverups - don't make it worse. Unfortunately lots of people break this rule. I was getting a tattoo once and this woman came in with a coverup of a coverup of a coverup. When she left my artist said, "That looks like Arnold Schwarzenager climbing out of a tar pit." It was AWFUL. He did an amazing job on his coverup. You couldn't even tell it was a coverup.
  8. Tattoos don't heal on a schedule. 4-6 weeks is a general guideline. I had one that didn't completely settle for a year. It was the purple color that didn't look quite right. I forgot about it and at some point I looked at it and noticed that it looked perfect.
  9. That's why you double check before you give the go ahead to start. Don't worry about it. I showed it to my wife and she didn't even notice. Only in our dreams do other people care about our tattoos.
  10. I've found that a cold pack helps with the itching. I wouldn't do it the first day, but you're a week out.
  11. Two weeks out, that doesn't look good, but I'm not a doctor. If that gets any worse I'd go see a doctor. As for blowout, you need to let it heal 4 - 6 weeks before you really know. That's on thin, delicate skin which is most prone to blow out.
  12. No problem. After 200+ hours of getting tattoos I got my first "big" scab, about 1/2 the size of a dime. I usually don't scab at all. You never know.
  13. I'd just get more, better tattoos. Don't worry about it. At least it doesn't look like this:
  14. A tattoo is possibly infected if it's any of the following - hot, oozing, smells bad, painful, red, swollen. AND you can get hot and swollen with no infection. If you don't have one or more of these symptoms, I wouldn't worry about it. That tattoo doesn't look infected to me, but I'm NOT a doctor.
  15. What don't you like? It looks about like the pic, although I agree with @sstu about the application. How long have you had it? Search on tattoo regret. It's VERY common for someone to initially regret getting a tattoo. If it's new there is NOTHING you can do until it heals, so sit back, relax, take care of it, and let it grow on you.
  16. Tattoos take 4 - 6 weeks to heal. But @oboogie is right, that looks like waaaaaay too much lotion. Use just the tiniest possible bit to keep the tattoo from drying out.
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    Hello Again!

    I'd get a new artist that IS interested in tattooing what I want. Also, you need 10 posts to start a thread outside of initiation.
  18. I would wash it, put a very tiny bit of lotion on it and cover it with saran wrap.
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    There should be a forum rule, only adults allowed!
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    Who was that masked man?
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    No, I've never seen it or heard of it. First, I wouldn't even consider returning until it's healed 4 - 6 weeks minimum. second, I wouldn't use that color again. You're playing with fire there. Taking drugs to reduce skin reaction???? Your skin is trying to tell you something, listen.
  22. If you start nit picking and looking at it with a microscope, you'll find something wrong with every tattoo and you'll never be happy. The best advice I ever got from my artist was to step back and enjoy the tattoo. I never look for flaws in my tattoos, I just look at the overall vibe.
  23. Another no roses vote. Roses have nothing to do with eagles and it is kind of bizarre pairing. Just the opinion of a stranger on the internet.