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    Cover up advice

    Seriously - what are you expecting to get from this site? You already got opinions and advice. You can't fix a letter so what does it matter what letter it looks like? Are you looking for sympathy because you think you got a lousy tattoo, or validation that the tattoo sucks? I'm just not sure what you are looking for.
  2. Hogrider

    New to this site

    Depends a lot on where, some on you. I had my calf worked on last Thursday. It was miserable. My other calf was easy, I thought Thursday would be a walk in the park.
  3. Hogrider

    Tattoo blowout advice

    These things do happen; particularly on thin skin. There is nothing you can do about a blow out.
  4. Hogrider

    Cover up advice

  5. Hogrider

    Pay per hour - how does it work?

    No. If I wasn't happy I wouldn't go back. I wouldn't question the price, it isn't a midwestern bazaar.
  6. Hogrider

    Upside down mistake

    Get back to studying and quit worrying about a two year old tattoo! Get more tattoos.
  7. Hogrider

    Got my first tattoo! But..

    Leave that one alone and just get more tattoos! It looks fine.
  8. Hogrider

    Cover up advice

    Do you not get that this isn't all about how the tattoo looks? Every time you get a tattoo or get laser removal you traumatize the skin. Do you understand that? Do you get that you could do real permanent damage to your skin and wind up with a tattoo that is NOT FIXABLE? Your skin needs time to heal. You could wind up with a hot mess that can't be fixed. You think you hate this tattoo, go google some people with skin that got fucked up from tattooing and lasering the same skin over and over. Go see someone who is really good at coverups and make a plan to fix this. Be prepared to spend real money. Adding a little something here and there is just going to make it worse. It doesn't matter how many times you ask the same question, or keep rewording it.
  9. Hogrider

    Hustle Butter?

    I tried this based on my tattooer’s suggestion, but it just sits on my skin. The cocoa butter gets absorbed quickly. We all react differently.
  10. Hogrider

    Hustle Butter?

    Let me translate - NO. If you want your tattoos to look fresh just take care of your skin; keep your skin moisturized and stay out of the sun. You don't need $35 a bottle moisturizer; cocoa butter or something similar is fine. Just use a little every day, don't drench them, don't over do it.
  11. Hogrider

    Thick scabs in concrete areas (mostly dark/filled).

    I've never had a tattoo that looked like that with well over 200 hours in the chair.
  12. Hogrider

    Cover up advice

  13. Hogrider

    Cover up advice

    Take some Xanax. 1/17 - posted that you got the tattoo one week ago, so got the tattoo on/about 1/10 1/24 got more shading worried about redness so you only waited 2 weeks to start monkeying with it 2/2 - post that you had it touched up 10 days before assume that would be the same appointment where you got more shading, so you got a touch up before the tattoo even healed. 2/4 - now you want a cover up. Let the F***ing tattoo heal for God's sake. You think you hate it now? You are going to wind up with a hot mess that's going to be really hard to fix. Let your tattoo heal for at least a couple of months - start the clock when you got your last "work" done on it. Find someone that's really, really good at cover-ups and go see them. Be prepared to pay top dollar if you want a good job done. I've seen some God-awful tattoos because people were in such a hurry to fix the one they didn't like. If you can't figure out how to stop and take a deep breath, you're likely to wind up with multiple cover ups. Each one is harder on your skin and more likely to show through. If people are annoyed it's because you aren't listening, you are looking for someone to validate what you want to do. Everyone has told you to let it heal, you aren't doing that.
  14. Hogrider


    My brother and I rode out motorcycles from the Washington DC area to Hyder, Alaska and back a couple of years ago. This is me standing under the Hyder sign. That was a Kawasaki 2000. Nice bike but I traded it in for a Road King.
  15. Hogrider


    +1 Tattoos aren’t for everyone. If you can’t wait a month or two to see how it will come out, you may not have the tempment to get tattoos. And I sure as hell wouldn’t go back to someone who would do a touch up 10 days after doing the tattoo.
  16. Hogrider

    Bumps on black ink

    I'm not a doctor, so take my advice for what it's worth, but assuming it's not a fresh tattoo, I'd try rubbing alcohol to dry it out for a few days and see if that helps.
  17. Good luck. I don't know your artist and I don't know what you are getting, but that's not a lot of time for an entire sleeve.
  18. I don’t know how you would get a quality sleeve in 20 hours. Both of my sleeves were over 60 hours. And I know people who’s sleeves took longer than that.
  19. Hogrider

    Shading looks red

    Tattooing traumatizes the skin. I may look like a bruise before it heals, so don't worry about that. I had my inner thigh tattooed a couple of weeks ago. It looked WAY worse than that. 3 days later it looked like a bruise, now it looks like it is supposed to.
  20. You’re going to get a sleeve in 20 hours???
  21. Not to be harsh, but if you can't decide then you probably aren't ready to commit thousands of dollars and 75+ hours in the chair. Or, as @Gingerninja said, get the second idea someplace else.
  22. Hogrider

    Whats going on with my tattoo?

    But you need to stop sugar coating it. What are you REALLY trying to say???? :-)
  23. Hogrider

    First tatto- I’m a little nervous.

    You can't tell anything at this point, except that you are using waaaaay too much A&D. You want to use the absolute minimum so that it doesn't dry out. That tattoo looks like it's swimming. I've been using A&D for more than 8 years with no problem and even my oldest tattoos look like new, so I wouldn't worry about it.
  24. Hogrider

    Hi im new here

    Nice work!