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  1. I wouldn't go to an artist that specializes in black and grey to get a color tattoo. Kind of like going to a proctologist because you have a cough. It doesn't mean they can't work on both ends, I just like specialists.
  2. Not to be argumentative, but if they can’t come up with something then they aren’t even near the best shop in the state. I’d keep looking. for Christ’s sake, I’m not even an artist and I could see fixing that with a snake cover up. Anything with curves and scales.
  3. Sorry, but that is really awful. Frankly, if you are on an internet forum looking for suggestions, I think I'd find another artist. A really good artist should be able to look at that and make multiple suggestions for fixing it.
  4. Again not beating up on the OP because I don't know him or what he thinks, BUT I think there are a lot of people that think you can just laser a tattoo off and the skin will look like new, or that you can cover any mess of a schitty tattoo with no trace.
  5. I know you don't like it, but I'd leave it. You are in a hurry to get it fixed which is a recipe for disaster. You are about 95% more likely to make it worse than better by rushing to get this done. You've already tried to fix it once and you're still not happy with it. My advice is leave and when you come back TAKE YOUR TIME. I've heard tons of stories from people that were in a hurry to get a tattoo, or cover up a tattoo, or fix a tattoo and made it exponentially worse.
  6. Not to beat up on the OP because about half the threads here are the same, but man people don't do anywhere near enough homework before getting a tattoo and tattoo artists don't appear to be doing anywhere near enough to educate their clients.
  7. Typical for a thin lined tattoo on thin delicate skin. There's nothing to "fix." You can't pull the ink back out.
  8. If you're planning on competing, I wouldn't get any tattoos. They really will cover up a lot of your hard work. I used to lift when I was young and my arms were really cut, and you could see it. I let myself go, but when I came back to it after getting sleeves, you couldn't see the definition anywhere near as well. Just something to think about. Also, I'd look at a lot of tattoos to set your expectations. They won't look anything like those pics, they can still be great, but skin has limitations, especially when it comes to how much detail you can add AND expect to hold up well.
  9. That's a mess alright. You can't go back and not do this, but you can avoid making the same mistakes again. Just my opinion, but you'd be better off finding someone to rework it than to try to cover it. Some bright colors would really help.
  10. Three things First, it will never look like it did the day it was done. Second, tattoos take 4-6 weeks to heal. You won't know anything until it's healed. Third, I wouldn't give anyone a second chance. I never understood the mindset behind going back to the person who screwed it up to give them a second chance. That is a very delicate tattoo with lots of thin lines. You are far more likely to make it worse trying to fix it. You can't really fix a blowout. Most important though, it looks nice. Be happy. When you're pasty white like me, blowouts really stand out. Although I'm so covered now that they don't really show at all.
  11. Drives me crazy when people rag on other people's tattoos. That's a nice, quality tattoo that you shouldn't hear anything but complements about.
  12. I'd plan out the whole sleeve before you start so it has a coherent look.
  13. I'd say you have too much time on your hands if this is what you spend your time worrying about. If you'd gotten it the other way people would be telling you that was wrong too. Next time someone says that just say, "You know if I want to hear an ass hole I'll fart."
  14. That looks OK, but man it looks like he mauled your hand.
  15. I'd see a doctor and stay away from that artist. That looks like he was really heavy handed on some very thin delicate skin.
  16. I'd use the search feature here. There are several threads from people that have something that looks like yours. I forget what the diagnosis was.
  17. You can't really get it removed. If you have it layered, you'll likely have scarring and that won't look good.
  18. Hogrider


    It depends. If it's a big dark, poorly done tattoo, it might be hard. If it's a small, light, faded tattoo, it will be a lot easier. Make sure you get someone really experienced with coverups. Look at samples of their work. I've seen coverups that were worse than the original. I was getting tattooed one day and this woman comes in with one of the most amateurish, God awful tattoos I've ever seen. It was a cover up. After she was gone my artist looks at me and said, "That looks like Arnold Schwartzenager climbing out of a tar pit."
  19. Taking them won't cause a problem, but not taking them could. Strep is not a joke, it can be a serious illness.
  20. I guess someone had to make up “news” to meet a deadline.
  21. In these narcissistic times, too many people think they are the center of the universe. No one knows what it says or cares what it means.
  22. The fact that you don’t seem to understand that great art doesn’t necessarily make great tattoos tells me you’re out of your depth.
  23. You should learn about the industry. There is a difference between great art and art that makes a great tattoo. Nobody is going to buy art from someone who isn't even a tattooer.
  24. I recommend you learn how forums and tattooing. Your first post is asking for something??? Get real. There is no viable market for tattoo designs by nobodies. Back to the drawing board.