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  1. I like the tattoos from the artist that didn't work out better. The new guy's lines are pretty inconsistent. They aren't consistent in weight, there seem to be more than a few wobbles and first row second pic, he only outlines half the tail. There are multiple instances of him lining something and then just stopping. If those type of things bother you, I'd keep looking. Keep in mind, he's showing his BEST work.
  2. Your first post is an ad for your shitty product that no one wants. Go spam another forum.
  3. Not a fan of the helmet. REALLY not a fan of the flames. Why take up valuable real estate? Wait until you fill up your arm and then put in filler.
  4. Tattoos take 4-6 weeks to heal. Longer if they were put in roughly. You will know what they look like when they heal. Did your artist explain the healing process? If not, shame on him or her.
  5. How old is it and what specifically is your concern?
  6. Tattoos don’t peel off, they are UNDER the skin. The top layer of skin peels off and that does not affect a properly applied tattoo.
  7. Hogrider

    New tattoo

    Why not send a link to his work. It could help you avoid a mistake, or reassure you.
  8. As said, you have to wait. The answer is the same regardless of how you many times ask it or how you phrase the question. 4-8 weeks to heal. Longer for a rough heal. Looking at it every five minutes won’t speed up the process.
  9. My advice would be to think it through before the consultation. If you want changes, think them through and send a single email. A good tattoo artist is busy. What if all their clients sent multiple emails? Yes, you should get the tattoo you want, but you also need to trust your artist. For my first sleeve I said, “Japanese, anything you want.” It turned out great. Same with my back. All my other work I threw out ideas, but what he came up with was way better than I imagined.
  10. Hogrider

    New tattoo

    That absolutely can be made into a beautiful tattoo, so I wouldn't worry about that I found my artist through referrals from friends and I happened to meet him at a tattoo convention. I am really trying to caution you to slow down. It's June now. You should do anything until it's at least 8 weeks old, so you really shouldn't be working on it again until August at the earliest. Most good artists are going to have a waiting list. My artist has a 2 to 3 month wait, even though I've been going to him for more than 10 years. Seriously, I'd recommend watching a season or two of Ink Master. Not that they don't have plenty of awful tattoos, but the judges tell you what to look for in a tattoo, why a tattoo is good, or why it's bad. Look around your area and when you find someone you like, post links to their work here and people will let you know what they think. I'd still like to see a link to your artist. If I don't know what you were looking at, it's really hard to tell if you missed warning signs, or if they just cherry picked their work that they posted. One of the purposes of this web site is to help people get good tattoos.
  11. Hogrider

    New tattoo

    The ink goes under your skin; you can’t “fix” lines. I really recommend against going back to the shop that did this. There are a couple of tattoo conventions in Wisconsin in September/ October; it would be a great place to see and talk to a lot of artists. Don’t take money or credit cards; everyone will tell you they can “fix” it. You want to listen to what everyone has to say and think it over.
  12. Hogrider

    New tattoo

    I've seen more people make a situation worse than better by rushing to try to fix something. First, you shouldn't have anyone work on that until it's healed; I'd wait at least 2 months. Second, laser removal doesn't leave the skin looking like it did before you got a tattoo. There's almost always a faint outline, so I'd forget about that. Why don't you send a link to the artist and maybe we can help you see where you went wrong. Also, if you identify what city you live in, you can probably get some recommendations. I wouldn't contact her. She phucked it up once, why would you give her another shot? The main thing is to think this through before you do anything else. I was getting tattooed once when a woman came in with a coverup that she wanted reworked. She hated the original tattoo and didn't research the person that covered it up. Someone said that it looked like Arnold Schwarzenegger climbing out of a tar pit. Time and patience are your friends.
  13. Hogrider

    New tattoo

    It's not cringe-worthy, but it's not very good. Seriously, the first thing you need to do is learn how to tell a mediocre tattooer from a good one. The tattoo is really flat and poorly drawn, but at least it doesn't look like they damaged the skin, unlike a lot of disasters posted here. You need to find a really good artist who can probably rework that into something decent.
  14. I don’t know that there are official rules, but it’s smart to live with it for a couple of months. Rushing out to “fix” a tattoo is just as likely to make it worse. You need to let it completely heal anyway. Think it through, decide what you want, then find a good artist and discuss it with them.
  15. Just my 2 cents but I think I’d dry heal at this point. Keep it clean, but don’t put anything on it, unless directed by a doctor of course.
  16. Very little chance that will turn out well. It looks like pretty extreme trauma to the skin. Did you have that done in a shop? I wouldn't never go back to whoever did that. Nothing you can do except wait until it heals and see what it looks like then.
  17. Well, I stand corrected. I thought you might point to someone else’s work, but I can tell from the review that it’s you. ”What is this? No seriously, what is this? Is this even English? Do you even have an editor? How can I be sure you just didn't urban dictionary these words with the fad spellings and poor punctuations? Seriously, let's be real here. Don't buy. Run for your lives away from this book if you value any sense of grammar, or an cohesive plot. I wish, for your's and my sake, that I could have given less than one star, but I have to lie to you and give it more than it deserves. In my opinion, the only reason you should buy this "Volume" (an 88 page Volume, I mean what the heck?!) is to see if it lives up how bad I have accurate described it to be. This book cost me a Lincoln, I think Abraham deserved better than for you or me to have spent it on this crappy "Volume". As you can tell I am on pins and needles for "Volume" 2.”
  18. I suggest starting with a course on grammar and punctuation. Maybe buy a dictionary too. How about a link to these five novels; I’d love to be proven wrong. If you claim to be an author, there is an expectation that you can write.
  19. Take a writing course. Seriously. You can’t write a paragraph but you’ve written novels??? As to tattoos, find an artist you like and discuss your ideas with them. It’s their job to take your ideas and put them into a coherent design. Being transgender and transitioning has nothing to do with your getting tattoos. A human being is a human being.
  20. Look up Shane O’Neil. Or watch a season or two of Ink Master. NOT because they are all great artists, because they have some awful ones, but because the critique’s will show you how to tell a good tattoo from a bad tattoo. And congratulations for doing your homework instead of rushing out to the first shop you find to get a tattoo. Good artists aren’t cheap and they are usually booked well in advance but it’s worth the money and the wait.
  21. I'd want to see some of their tattoos in person. Also, take a close look at anything with actual lines; to me, the lines look wobbly, especially in any of the circles and webs.Also, I think a lot of them look very dark and monochromatic; I'd be concerned with how they will hold up over time. Just one man's opinion.
  22. I think you need 10 comments on other people’s threads first.
  23. Nobody is going to fall for your shitty scam.
  24. I’ve been waiting for COVID to die down, but want to get my conceal carry permit this year. Without getting into politics, the divide between the two sides and the growing extremism has me to the point where I bought a handgun after 10 years being gunless. I hope I never need it!
  25. Don’t even explain your F***ing nonsense, just go away.
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