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Looking for Tattoo Artist, Rockville, Maryland

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Looking for a clean, professional, full-time tattoo artist. Please have at least 1-3 years' experience with tattooing. You must have at least one successful apprenticeship under your belt. This is not an apprentice position. I am open to a young tattooer as long as a living wage is part of your career goal. I do not want any hobbyists or people who tattoo just for fun. I consider a living wage to be 70k+, so if you are willing to work towards that, I look forward to hearing from you. I am willing to help the right applicant build clientele.


Portfolio is a must.


We are a street shop that also does custom work with plenty of opportunity, but as you know, how you address the opportunities that come your way make or break the bank. We are primarily by appointment, but we have regular walk-in requests that will multiply if we have tattooers to help them when they ask.


Having specialties is fine, though, I expect every artist that works for me to be capable to take care of anything that is fist size or smaller in any style. Anything larger is generally client's choice, or we pick the best person for the project.


Applicants, please e-mail ( [email protected] ) the following:


Your name

Location ( driving distance from shop )

Resume ( both tattoo and non, if you have both )

Links to your socials and/or website

If you don't have a website, include 5-10 of your best tattoo photos in the e-mail.


We will be reaching out in 2-3 weeks to the top applicants.


Please do not apply if you have not done a traditional apprenticeship.


now-hiring copy.jpg

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