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  1. i would still take good care of it if i was you. in case you feel like neglecting to do so because youre not liking it a lot at the moment.
  2. thanks for the replies its not a particular image i want the tattoo artist to make an exact copy of but rather a character i have in mind that i want drawn in the tattoo artists style and in a pose that he chooses to draw him in. With some restrictions of course. e.g i dont want the character to be on all fours. id rather him be sitting or standing upright on two legs. i also considered suggesting he draw the character eating something. etc. i do live about an hour away from where the tattoo artist works. I suppose if i was nearer to him i wouldnt question if i should meet with him in person first or not. He does usually do cartoon, video game style images. Here is his instagram if anyone is interested in seeing some of his work. He does some pretty amazing stuff IMO. Doom (@brandoom) • Instagram photos and videos heres three tattoos of his i really like that hes done.
  3. i have two questions/requests for this thread. on march 1st a tattoo artist i like's books are opening and im going to send him an initial email to potentially get a tattoo designed by him. i have a specific video game character in mind. im going to send him pictures of it for a basis of what id like its position to be like in the design. im telling him where i want the tattoo placed, its size, and around how much money id like to spend on it. Im also going to send the artist pictures of tattoos that he has done as examples of what kind of style i want my design in. do you think meeting him for an in person consultation is a must? i suppose it might be faster and easier to talk about what i would and wouldnt like as far as the design goes. I dont want to cut corners as far as doing everything i can to make sure the tattoo comes out how i want but i cant think of what i can do through an in person consultation that i cant do through email. also, is there anything you believe one might not think of that i should consider when preparing a custom tattoo design? in the past ive regretfully gotten tattoos in non traditional orientation because i just never would have thought about asking about it. I sometimes think that if i had made a thread asking about possible things one might not consider when getting a tattoo then someone may have mentioned that traditional tattoo orientation exists and i would have gotten tattooed the way i wanted. which is partially why im making this thread. so if there is anything at all that you believe one might not think about considering when preparing a custom tattoo design please post it in this thread. thanks.
  4. thanks for the replies. I should have pointed out that detail. im not sure if ill go back to him. its unfortunate because the artist was a cool guy and the first tattoo he gave me was probably the best tattoo experience ive had so far. im kind of discouraged because this is the 3rd tattoo ive had some dissatisfaction with. as far as tattoo win/loss record im 2 and 3. to me it kind of feels like its unnecessarily difficult to plan out every detail and prepare for every eventuality. Ive had a tattoo artist in the past get mad at me for what he says was me not trusting him enough so i suppose that maybe caused me to be too trusting this time.
  5. Im making this thread for three reasons. 01. just to vent my dissatisfaction with my newest tattoo 02. to try and figure out if its my fault or the tattoo artists fault 03. see if you guys think i should still go back this tattoo artist ill try to keep this post as short as i can without leaving out too much info. The mistake that was made was adding linework where there wasnt supposed to be any. heres a picture ' At first i wasnt bothered by it but i started to be because its not exactly accurate. I knew that detail might be overlooked and i thought about pointing it out to the artist before he began the tattoo but decided i didnt want to do anything to disrupt the process and trust that as a tattoo artist he would know to color it accordingly. this is the result. here are some details that should be considered when deciding if it was my fault or not. - i brought in a picture of the tattoo printed on paper for the size reference. my printer did a bad job at printing it so it came out like this. I think the tattoo artist may have used the bad printout as the color reference. he possibly assumed the bad print left out a black outline in the characters eyes when there wasnt any to begin with. - right before the appointment through instagram i DM'd him a proper picture of the image i was getting tattooed. The reason i did so was for the color reference because the color on paper from my printer looked different than how it appears on a computer screen. - I brought up the difference in appearance of the printed image compared to how it looked on my phone/computer screen and he told me he was very familiar with this particular pokemon characters color. Im not sure if he used his memory for the color reference or if he used the bad printout i brought in. I know he did not use the image i DM'd him. So heres where im not sure if its my fault or not. Should i have brought in a better color reference? i wanted him to use the picture i DM'd him, i didnt think he would use the size reference i brought as the color reference. Should he have noticed that linework detail? Is it my fault for not bringing up what i knew was a non obvious detail that might be overlooked? I sent him a DM about a month later saying id just like to let him know that there was a small coloring mistake in the tattoo he gave me but that id still like to get tattooed by him in the future. I see he received the message but he didnt respond. Should i avoid going back to him? i think hes capable of giving good tattoos. hes given me one i like before but im not sure if me having to explain so much is normal? I kind of feel like it shouldnt be this hard to get a proper tattoo. What do you guys think?
  6. thanks for the reply. anyone else agree that black and grey/realism specialist would be appropriate?
  7. I like this guys tattoo style but im pretty sure he lives in russia so i was thinking of buying some of his tattoo flash and getting it done by someone in the US. What would a tattoo artist have to specialize in in order to do this style correctly?
  8. im planning on getting a tattoo on my lower leg but i was wondering what people thought was a better placement. Inner lower leg? or outer lower leg? I suppose its just preference but i was wondering if there were any reasons that either one has advantages or disadvantages to you?
  9. So all of my tattoos are relatively small. two of them i got as walk ins and three of them i sent the tattoo artist a picture of what i wanted exactly and then made an appointment with them. i suppose i have never needed to do an in person consultation with an artist. i was wondering what type of tattoo would an in person consultation be necessary for? just big custom designs?
  10. i was considering getting a tattoo of a powerpuff girl. But unlike another tattoo of mine which is from a video game i played when i was younger, i have no personal connection to powerpuff girls. I never watched the show. i ike its art style though and thought itd be cool to get as a tattoo. What do you guys think about getting tattoos that you have no real special connection to, but like the image of? do any of you have such a tattoo? I suppose itd be like getting a bart simpson tattoo because you think it looks cool but you never watched the simpsons.
  11. thanks for the reply the tattoo artist said it needed a touch up
  12. i got a tattoo in june and then decided to get it colored in at the beginning of October. When the scab started coming off of it there were big specks of red in the yellow part of the tattoo. they have cleared up for the most part but im kind of left with what seems to be tiny brownish reddish specks in the yellow part of the tattoo which kind of make it look a bit off colored. I got it october 3rd so its been healed for four weeks now. It hasnt blistered, itched, or hurt. It hasnt gotten worse, but if the tiny specks are disappearing, its at a rate that im not noticing. it has pretty much looked the same to me for the past two weeks. I sent the tattoo artist a message but he hasnt responded yet so i wanted to see what you guys thought. Here is a picture after one week healed. Sorry for the kind of blurry photo here it is after three weeks healed a week after this photo it still pretty much looks the same. do you guys think this will clear up eventually? is it normal for there to be specks of red in lighter ink colors when the scab comes off? the tattoo artist said its normal for there to be visible blood in lighter colors when it was fresh but im not sure that also applies to a tattoo thats one week old. do you think this could be an ink allergy?
  13. Has anyone ever bought tattoo flash from one artist and then got it tattooed by a different one? There is a person on instagram from i think russia that sells tattoo flash. i saw someone getting one of his flash designs on them around where i live and i started thinking about trying to buy some from him. My question is, when you buy tattoo flash is it a one size thing? or can the size of it be adjusted to fit where you want it?
  14. i got a tattoo i wanted back in june but now i want it colored in so im trying to schedule a second appointment with the same artist. hopefully ill get it done by novemeber.
  15. thats correct im not using the same artist thanks for the reply
  16. thanks for the reply So if the tattoo artist does decide to use a pen on the stencil if he thinks its necessary should i let him? or would it be better to try to have him reprint it to avoid having to use a pen?
  17. So as some of you may already know from posts of mine on the forum lately, im planning on getting a new tattoo. The last time i got a tattoo, the tattoo artist applied the stencil but a part of it didnt transfer to my skin so there was a gap in it. What the tattoo artist did was used a pen to fill in the gap in the part of the stencil that didnt transfer onto my skin. In the end after being tattooed, the part he filled in with the pen was misshapen and didnt come out exactly right. Im not sure if filling it in with a pen was the reason it didnt come out right because it didnt look obviously misshapen when he drew it on but i suspect it is. So here is my question. If a similar thing happens when i get my next tattoo and there are pieces of the stencil that dont transfer on to my skin, should i ask the tattoo artist if he can reprint the stencil or should i just allow him to use a pen if he thinks its necessary to fill in any missing parts in the stencil?
  18. i got a reply from the tattoo artist guys 🙂 i was getting worried. i probably would have tried to book him on a later date if he hadnt replied but good thing he did.
  19. i DM'd a tattoo artist i want to book on instagram and he said hed love to do the tattoo for me. he gave me a price range and he told me two dates hed be available but when i asked what time would be okay for him for one of the dates he didnt respond. all of this took place within two DM exchanges (2 from me, 2 from him) which he responded to in about 1-2 days. on i think last thursday he posted on his instagram that he would be answering all of his emails and DMs that day and the next but my DM still didnt get answered. I waited about five days (since the last DM i sent) and sent him a DM again asking about what time would be okay for him. its now been a week and he still hasnt responded. today was actually one of the two dates he said hed be available so i obviously didnt meet with him. the other date he said he was available on is coming up next week so im still hoping ill get a response before then. i plan on sending him another DM maybe thursday to try and get some confirmation on meeting up for an appointment. on one hand -he said hed love to do it -he gave me a price -he gave me dates hed be available on the other hand - his responses went from 1-2 days to it being a week with no reply - he posted on his instagram that hed be answering all of his DMs and emails but didnt reply to my DM - one of the dates he said he was available has already passed with no response from him im not sure what to think.
  20. lol thanks for the reply, is reddit not a good place for tattoo information? i posted my question in the r/tattoos subreddit.
  21. guys im not sure what to do, i asked people on reddit if they thought i was being over charged and about 14 people responded saying that they thought it was overpriced.
  22. i kind of thought it was a lot too. the shop that the artist works at charges 200$ per hour but im not sure if his price was based on an hourly fee or if it was the cost he was giving for a single tattoo. im trying to find out what it would cost from the second artist i posted but i havnt gotten a response yet.
  23. what about compared to this artists work? here is his instagram Sawooli (@tattoosbysawooli) • Instagram photos and videos one thing i should maybe say is most of this artists work is not in this style. also ive gotten a small name tattoo from him before and it came out satisfactory.
  24. guys i need some advice on whether i should go to this artist or not. so basically heres the tattoo i want to get but i want it with out color sort of like this . heres an artist i have contacted. This is his instagram T O B Y • J A M E S 💔 (@tobyjamez) • Instagram photos and videos here are a few tattoos hes done that sort of match the style i was looking for. the tattoo i want to get is roughly 3 inches high and 2 and a quarter inches wide. I sent him a message asking if i could afford the tattoo i wanted from him for $400 dollars. he said for a tattoo that size his price would be around $400 dollars i have 2 questions 01. Do you think his work matches my tattoo needs? i thought hed be a good choice since he does a lot of video game and cartoon type tattoos. But im not sure if there are details that i am overlooking about the quality. 02. does the price seem like its fair?
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