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    Hey my Names Daryl Rodriguez i tattoo in Richmond Va, Born on Guam, But grew up in San fran
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    Richmond Va
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    Green Eyes
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  1. holditdowntattoo.com is proud too present our new artist josh stephens check his work out!!
  2. everythings goin good man on vacation right now just got tattooed at black heart and scored 2 one of machines from scott and juan. im glad you like my work man much appreciated

  3. hey bro hows everything just stoppin by to check out your work. looking good keep it up!

  4. lol i have a feelin i might go broke by the end of this trip
  5. im getting more and more stoked cant wait till my appointment im def snaggin a machine or two
  6. Draltattoo

    amund dietzel

    thank ya mam it was a fun little piece.
  7. i suck at writing so bare with me heh
  8. First things first im new to the whole traveling thing but id like too start guest spotting around some shops.. I dont really know how to go about getting a guest spot at a shop so if anyone has any insights id love to hear em. I know im new and i dont want to step on anyones toes or anything its just more of a learning experience for me. There are soooo many tattoo artist i look up too and i dont want too sound like a nut jock or anything but everytime i step into a shop with a artist that i admire that just boost my moral ten fold.. I know that information in the business is all it really has left and that is the hardest too obtain.. But i got to start somewhere to earn that info.. So if anyone has stories about their first encounters trying to guest spot or anyone else whos in the same boat feel free to share it! thanks
  9. www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=218569628157748&set=a.191680117513366.56095.100000141387919&type=1&theater heres one i did the other day a little traditional spin on it
  10. you know by putting your pictures up with such high quality people can just print em out themselves.. not being a douche or anything just tryin to help you out mayne try putting on a water mark or makin the images way smaller. other than that im diggin the biker style
  11. diego represent hafa dai homie
  12. im sure you get this a whole bunch but your works amazing

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