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    I'm not a fancy new cool guy tattooer just a solid tattoo guy from before tattoos were really cool w/a K. I don't drive a Bentley or wear tight pants. my bicycle has brakes but two flat tires cuz I'm fat and lazy...but I am super happy to be doing what I do and living my life in a bubble with my wife. Eights and Aces Tattoo 343 1/2 Soquel Ave. Santa Cruz, Ca. 95062 831-421-9394
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    I live in Santa Cruz and own Eights and Aces tattoo
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    Cars and painting and stuff.
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  1. My place is 218sqft thats two hundred and eighteen??....small, but super right.
  2. This show is going to be SOOOO fun!! at this point I have 60+ confirmed artists doing art ranging from paintings to sculpture to leather work....it's going to be a lot of fun. The list of people participating is VERY impressive and I hope that anyone in the area will make it. There will be some dogs on the Q and some adult drinks, but stop by mostly for the incredible amount of art shoved into my tiny shop!!!!! FLiP
  3. I've gotten back my paintings that didn't sell so if your still interested I can send you some pictures of a few of them. What kind of subject matter are you looking for, and what's your price range??

    Thank you,


  4. I think people with O.C.D. are drawn to our profession like a moth to light. For me it is use to be car parts. Now it's painting, and for almost every other tattooer I know there is something that is obsessively collected.......?
  5. Keeping this thread going....I've got 100's of paintings but not to many good pictures!?! FLiP
  6. I love flowers! they are definitely one of my favorite things to do. I see so many people that do flowers suck at it. Being a flower lover I can tell that they had no clue what the flower they were doing looked like?? Such a bad fuck up and bummer for the client! I know that my flowers are not always color correct but they look like the flowers they're supposed to. FLiP
  7. Julio...right on the money. Another point l'd like to touch.....why is it that those free loading piercers are again involved in taking our profession down? It seems like it's always some bullshit piercer leading the regulation charge. I'm not really trying to bash piercing......well maybe a little! They are like a cancerious pollop on a butt hole....always there but you just can't shake em'. FLiP
  8. This is a nut I'm not gona crack but all these questions are maybe worth asking,......but the bigger concern is who's answering these questions. So many times the powers that be make rules/guidelines that you and I know are not really applicable or practical but look and sound good at a board meeting??? That is my real concern. FLiP
  9. When Jeff and I were starting out and had just met Aaron and you(Scott) for that matter, he made us our first machines while giving us a tutorial. He made me my first machine and it was supreme based.....unfortunately that got 'disappeared' about 18 years ago and has yet to re-surface. Scott can you believe that was over 20yrs ago now??????
  10. I use to love winsor and newton everything untill l worked for Bob and he introduced me to liquid paints.....after that l stopped using tube stuff and now its almost all fw for me. Winsor paper is hard to find so now it's arches for me, and after a learning curve l like it. As for brushes l like the shitty winsor cotman stuff...l used full sable for awhile but l find the blends suit me best. The other thing l learned from Bob 'always try and mix your own tones...the last thing you want is someone looking at your painting saying that looks like it came out of a tube.' It's still a constant learning curve, but l can't stop! FLiP
  11. i think its jeffismyhero@gmail? pretty sure

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