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    My spirit guide is a 12 year old boy from the 90s
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    Sonic the hedgehog. Cats. Sustainability. Horror Films.
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  1. The closer it gets to "I should tell them now" the more worried I get. I'm worried mostly about my nan because I love her very much, and it will make her upset. I don't want to upset my nan! I have a full sleeve, it's a pretty shocking thing to show people for the first time :/
  2. Great article. How mums think it's brill to have a baby but never ever have a tattoo http://theuglyvolvo.com/2014/04/01/why-you-should-never-ever-ever-get-a-tattoo-but-having-a-baby-is-fine/
  3. I had the same situation, a go between. And when I finally met my artist, what the reception guy had told her was completely different to what I'd told him. So yeah, make sure the artist has all of the information direct.
  4. Thanks for the tip. No idea what I'm doing wrong. What a div.
  5. Yep! And I'm looking forward to getting some of my cellulite coloured in next ;)
  6. 8 hour appointment with Olivia Chell for the second session on my flying unicorn sleeve. Maybe sat for 6.5 hours with breaks. Colour next! :) ... Trying again with the picture, Not sure what I did wrong... If it still doesn't show, it's here
  7. Second session on my winged unicorn sleeve by Olivia Chell. Sorry about the terrible pictures.
  8. I'm safe. I work in the creative industries. It might even help me to have a tattoo - the more eccentric and creative looking I am, the more likely it is that I'll get a promotion. Ha!
  9. Love this thread! Interesting to hear how tattoos have changed people's perceptions of their body. When I was considering my first tattoo I wanted it on a part of my body that I liked. I'm not obese but I am overweight, and have always hated my upper arms in particular. Anyway, next thing I know, I'm getting a full sleeve... and to my surprise, I view my body in such a different way. My upper arms haven't seen the light of day in around 10 years, well now I get them out all of the time. And not to show off my tattoo, I love both my arms now, even my none tattooed one. I don't know what it is and I certainly wasn't expecting it, but it's totally liberating. My sleeve isn't even finished!
  10. Bexter


    I have a tattoo based on my favourite My Little Pony. TOTALLY up for a MLP thread.
  11. Omg this isn't with tapatalk is it? I sit here liking stuff every day, don't tell me it doesn't show up! Wtf!
  12. Ha. Sounds like a maths question from a text book "if Lisa has one tattoo on her back that was covered up with a new tattoo and Peter has 2 tattoos on his arm that were incorporated into a sleeve, how many tattoos does Felix have?"
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