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  1. I've got a buddy that is looking to get a portrait of his one month old daughter that sadly passed away due to SIDS. Can anyone recommend an artist in Los Angeles County that specializes in portraits? He is looking for mainly black and grey, but with some color. Under $300/hr would be ideal.
  2. Got some more work done on my Bakeneko by Josh Damnit at Classic Tattoo Upland, CA
  3. By Josh Damnit Classic Tattoo Upland, CA
  4. I love your backpiece! It was done exceptionally well =]
  5. Update on torso... We need more torso tattoos up in here :D -By Josh Damnit Classic Tattoo Upland, Ca
  6. It doesn't matter how many cats he does. Every time I see one i'm amazed haha.
  7. Just got this bake neko started today by Josh Damnit at Classic Tattoo in Upland, CA. I am dead!
  8. So i'm starting my torso piece pretty soon and I was curious as to how everyone else got their stencil put on. Me and my artist were talking and the only reasonable thing we could think of to do it was to put a sock over my junk and maybe a towel because it goes down onto my thighs so a fundoshi won't work for the original outline. I just found this really funny and wondered if anyone did anything similar.
  9. Thanks for the references =]. I actually saw that cat he did on Grime. He text a picture of it to the dude who was tattooing me right after he got it. I really liked that tattoo.
  10. I've been looking for awhile for some good bakeneko designs and cannot seem to find any good references. Does anyone have a book or site for good designs that they could direct me to? I know Horitomo has a lot of really cool cats but from what I've seen none of them were really "bakeneko". I plan on getting a tattoo of one soon and would like to see some better pictures then what google has provided me. I'd like to do it with a really elaborate kimono and then have some severed heads with it. I was hoping to find an old Japanese folklore book with pictures but have so far been unsuccessful.
  11. Got these crammed in Thursday by Josh Damnit at Classic Tattoo Upland, CA and finished my right leg :D
  12. That moth's rad man! I just got one myself 3 weeks ago as well. It's kind of a 2 part piece because it wraps around. I don't think I posted a pic of my moth yet either so i'll include it as well lol.
  13. How weird... I did a 40 mile bike ride the day after I got my knee ditch done and it didn't even bother me. It had a fair amount of work done on it too not like spiderwebs or anything that would be easy. Guess I got lucky on that one haha.
  14. Did anyone else have a worse time on the kneecap then the ditch of the knee? I was practically chair ridden for 2 days after I got my knee done haha. Sometime's i'd go to get up and just fall because my knee gave out it was a real fun time. I hardly even noticed the back of the knee and had no problems walking.
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