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  1. Fantastic choice of artist, she's one of the very best around right now!
  2. My boss did that to me the morning after I got my whole sternum tattooed. Gave me a massive heavy hand slap right on it. Pain was silly nasty. I suppose that's the price you pay when your boss tattoos you for free haha!
  3. Kneecap fully healed by Danny Rossiter at Rain City Manchester - Bonus healed monmon cat!
  4. Back in the old days of competitive online gaming, everyone I played against had names like Xxsn1per_k1ll3rxX and shit like that, I wanted something as boring as possible so I just chose the first thing I saw, and just kept it forever. Occasionally get called hardon, don't care.
  5. My friend is selling his UK dateless license plate - T19TTO - (I do not know if the last character is the letter O or the number zero, sorry) If you are interested please send me a message and I will give you the owners direct contact information, he can tell you everything you need to know! Picture included as an example, this was customised for him and his tattoo studio.
  6. Just finished the third season of Orange is the new black, I really enjoyed it! No spoilers but the final episode has a couple of prison tattooing scenes which were funny as fuck!
  7. First time I'm giving it a miss in 5 years, just don't have the cash this year, prices everywhere seem to go up and I can't keep up!
  8. I was at a wedding too last week, and a grown man, who managed to reach 35 years of age, with a family, asked me if I was working on my backpiece myself. From neck to knees. Full backpiece. Was I tattooing it on myself. I just told him I wasn't flexible enough to do that and left forever.
  9. Nice one for finishing! Looks great! I cant wait to join you...
  10. I'll take "Things you should never say about your wife" for 200 please.
  11. It sounds harsh, but no contact, at all. If you talk to her, and message, and see what she's up to on social media constantly, it will make everything that much harder. Focus on yourself, try and forget about what she is doing as much as you can, it won't be quick but it's the best way I know to get on with your life. If she really wanted to be with you she would not have broken up with you, or asked for a break.
  12. I frigging love it! I've wanted to get tattooed by Derek Noble for ages, lovely piece!
  13. They get in that ass, larry. All the way in that ass! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CEhk5N32Tec
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