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  1. The masked Dietzel girl was an instant classic. And still going strong. Favorite part is that unlike most designs of that era, I've yet to see another tattooer having done it. All Dietzel.
  2. Can't go wrong with Dietzel designs! :))) SOLID STATE BOOKS
  3. Oh, and does anyone know anything about these photos? Found them uncredited on line but they look maybe Burchett-y to my untrained eye. Pretty sure they're the back nad front of the same man These are indeed photos of the same man. His name is George Smith, of Sheboygan, WI, and was tattooed by Amund Dietzel. The photos I've got are dated 1928. and nearly every tattoo he's got, can be matched to Dietzel flash. The back piece as well, 'The the Ascension of Christ' was a personal favorite of Dietzel's. There are at least 4 examples of it in photographs, and it's mentioned in a newspaper article as well.
  4. Thank you very much Brian! - - - Updated - - - Very nice of you to say! Thank you. And always nice to hear the books have been enjoyed.
  5. Bit late on this, but Thanks for helping spread the word! Really apreciate it. Solid State Tattoo Milwaukee
  6. This is pretty cool. People still get tattoos?