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  11. WwwwAaaaSsssssUuuuPppers. Tattoo artist in okland ca. I own and work for old crow tattoo. Glade to have taking this LST trip. Thanks for everything you all put into tattooing. 16 years later and im still falling in lover deeper with my craft. What a blessing to be able to have this in my life. Don't stop can't stop won't stop.
  12. i would recommend always washing with an antibacterial soap. no more than 2 times a day. once in morning once at night or after heavy activity. put lotion on after tattoo is dry. when applying lotion put it on just as if you had dry skin. you want the lotion fully absorbed not a coat. i recommend lubriderm, or cetiphil. both come fragrant free and hypoallergenic. as well they are not that greasy. good luck.
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