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    Mike Wilson @ Inksmith & Rogers :) Going off a "yin-yang" theme
  2. Yes indeed, it was great to meet him and seeing what he came up with. Finished product was even better than the sketch :) Crossing my fingers for good healing. Many thanks to Inksmith and to everyone here for the advice and support!
  3. Thanks! However, I ended up making an appointment with Mike Wilson in December. On Friday the 13th. This'll be fun!
  4. Hmmmm I'm just in love with these few of Mike Wilson's recent tattoos, the mix in style is great. And the snake/eagle is just awesome on its own merit. @mikewilsontattoo | Webstagram - the best Instagram viewer @mikewilsontattoo | Webstagram - the best Instagram viewer @mikewilsontattoo | Webstagram - the best Instagram viewer @mikewilsontattoo | Elm st tat con! Thanks Oliver / Dallas TX!!!! | Webstagram - the best Instagram viewer
  5. Does David prefer contact via e-mail or via phone, or either?
  6. Hey Matt, I just joined yesterday and I'm also in Orlando. My name's Dan and I'm a UCF student. I'm just about to set up an appointment for a (my first) tattoo once I finalize my decision on which artist, David Bruehl being one of the finalists. After I take care of that maybe we can geekily compare tattoos in person :p
  7. Thank you all for the warm welcome! @BrianH Haha I've thought about that but I feel like one artist designing would make it more cohesive. I'll just get a second, separate tattoo from the other tattooist later :p @ReDile I want to leave it up to the artist and the design, and it needs to be coverable with a short sleeved shirt and slacks. After that I prefer on the shoulder or the chest (one side, not a panel), or both shoulder and chest :p Actually my main concern about multiple sessions is that I want to keep up with my exercise and lifting. I read it's not good to flex the muscle under the skin your tattoo is on while it's healing? Edit: Basically I'm training pretty seriously on a pullup program. Would a tattoo-in-healing on the shoulder and/or chest be affected by that (stretched?)? What if, say, the tattoo were on the upper back or rear shoulder?
  8. Hi there! I'm Dan, currently a student in Orlando, Florida. Currently working on getting my first tattoo. I did a great amount of research using this awesome forum, and from there I went through portfolios all around my area. Especially the artists recommended on LST. Now, I am choosing between two artists: Mike Wilson & David Bruehl :cool: I really like both of their oriental-mixed-with-neo/traditional styles. So my main requirements are that I want that oriental/traditional or similar (or something even more creative/unique?) style in the tattoo of a horse and a tiger. Preferably yin-yangish in pose, and I dislike anything cartoony. Are there any reasons you can come up with based on my desired basic design, that would make you choose one artist over the other? I've heard Mike Wilson can do everything, but I've also seen great things in David Bruehl's instagram. Or should I just flip a coin? :cool: Edit: Side question. Would that design (horse and tiger) be able to done (well) in a medium tattoo or require a large tattoo? Or, would it be able to be knocked out in a single 3 hour session? I'm willing to go for multiple sessions, but both artists are (just 2 hours) out of town so I'll have to plan ahead in my calendar more if necessary.
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