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    I've been boxing for nearly two years now - although I'm crap at it because I like beer and eating too much which means I'm kinda a fatty lol - and I HATE being hit on the nose! It's a great workout though and good fun. Pad work is exhausting, I would definitely suggest doing pad work. I try to do 6 (3) minute rounds if I can, sometimes I'm too tired. Sparring is twice as exhausting as pad work - 3 minutes seems like an hour. I think I could get better at it but I lack the self discipline and I'm too old lol.
  2. Thank you very much!! Well I have to say the first one that springs to mind is Joe Capobianco! Although I like different artists for different reasons. Another artist I like is Bert Krak for pulling off, what I consider to be, great old style traditional, ie kinda minimalist. Dmitry Rechnoy (I think that's his correct name) for his use of color - here's a link - Татуировки. Люблю Олд Скул (traditional tattoo)! // ХруÑÑ‚ КоÑтей // XK Tattoo - Oh another one of my favorites is definitely Brandon Notch (Sacred Saint Tattoo) for his flawless applications. There are other's too...
  3. Hi, I am a 37 yr old tattoo enthusiast. I apprenticed for a while a few years ago - although I do not tattoo now I still passively collect tattoo machines, and tattoos of course. I like to attend conventions when time allows it.
  4. I had a couple of shitty apprenticeships, not particularly funny or anything but I thought I'd share. After trying to land an apprenticeship for literally years I got one. The tattooist was not that great but it was this or nothing. Anyway after settling in I turn up on monday morning to find the shop has shut down, owner gone, never to be seen again - along with my equipment (including autoclave). After another soul destroying search for another apprenticeship I actually managed to get another. No problems this time with equipment like the previous apprenticeship but I noticed that this guy would tattoo someone and then use the same set up to tattoo the next person - ie same needle/tubes. Crazy considering he had the latest all singing, all dancing autoclave on hand?! Either way neither tattooist was that skilled, and it eventually dawned on me that just because somebody works/owns a shop doesn't mean shit, and that a GOOD apprenticeship is actually very hard to find. During my research I found that around half the shops that are out there are not actually good and wouldn't be worth learning from anyway.
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