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    Great tattoo and excellent subject matter! :)
  2. I kinda like Bar Rescue. John Tapper cuts a promo like Paul Heyman.
  3. That movie is horrendous. It is the worst Adam Sandler movie since the last Adam Sandler movie.
  4. This is something I SHOULDN'T participate in, but I fell off the non-drinking wagon when my air conditioner broke on the 4th of July... Shit. I like that scorpion tattoo. You in Wisconsin?
  5. Okay. Have fun with your hate speech crap and your draconian gun laws. Why would you want privacy when you could have a spy camera on every street light? :rolleyes:
  6. Good, a 59 year old guy complaining about something. Who cares? Sounds like a guy who'd shake his fists at a cloud.
  7. I don't like Elvis that much. The movies are corny and he stole wholesale from Blacks. He's Led Zeppelin with a pompadour. The Song Remains The Same (Because We Stole It) Anyhow, this isn't that creepy, tattoo wise, is it? I still remember showing with a guy in basic training who had a full rib piece of a naked Green Alien in a purple vagina with the razor thingy from Se7en. Compared to that, this Miley stuff is like a 4 out of a 10.
  8. The proposed laws for "criminal association" are really vague. If somebody meets with 2 people, 2 times and receives money once they are a "criminal associate." So two people from a motorcycle club come in and get a consultation for tattooing. They come back the next day and get the tattoos. If you were that tattoo artist then New South Wales would consider you to be a "known criminal associate materially benefiting from association" and have the power to take your shop and license. Sometimes as an American I forget that lots of countries don't have things like the 1st Amendment that guarantees freedom of speech and association.
  9. I was thinking more of a Aniston/Meatloaf-When-He-Was-Skinnier. Still though, if this were Elvis I don't think people would have such a problem.
  10. I'd like to know at what point does "my bad" not work anymore? "I stuck a revolver in your face. My bad."
  11. Ah...Jumpin' Junkie. How are the knees? :p Great looking tattoo!
  12. I didn't really know how the golfer fit in with Abbie Hoffman and Elijah Muhammed, myself.
  13. My experiences on MARTA in Atlanta might have caused an overreaction? I just remember being told not to use BART. I know it is a tourist trap but I always liked going to Fisherman's Wharf.
  14. I thought Dan S was a Republican and that we "shared a moment" when we were complaining about welfare recipients about a month ago in a thread. Shows what I know. He traded stories during Happy Hour with every influential non-White since 1962. Did you ever share some rum with Vijay Singh while Elijah Muhammed smoked a briar pipe and told you who REALLY killed Malcolm X? What a turn of events! I'm just kidding. Those are some cool stories. I was only breakin' balls.
  15. I don't think he cares. He wants to ride BART by himself, unarmed. It is a gnat's ass away from suicidal ideation.
  16. I'm sure he's a mod who rode to the shop on his Piaggio. The only thing I don't like is you gave him a deliberately high price to get him to go away. Is that normal? I figure you could flatly decline to touch up somebody's iron cross and swastika tattoos.
  17. I always thought this was a pretty good 3 minutes about Argument of Ignorance/God in the Gaps. I think of it this way: "I can't understand something, therefore God exists." The conversation involves a segment in which an American political commentator, Bill O'Reilley, was invoking things that have been understood for quite some time as evidence of a God. The examples he used were "How did the Moon get there?" and "How do the tides work?" which ironically involve one another. HowStuffWorks "What causes high tide and low tide? Why are there two tides each day?"
  18. Also, 165 dollars? I think that means she tipped.
  19. Wait, this woman is showing her giant cleavage and you're looking at the Ed Hardy flash tattoo?
  20. You guys are cruel. Thanks for the airplane tattoos. The P-40 and the P-51 Mustang with the shark's mouth seem to be the most popular. I like this one from the gallery. billy flip mccoy spike-o-matic tattoo 651 s.park st. madison wi. 53715 608-316-1000 143 Tattoo Picture | Last Sparrow Tattoo
  21. You guys are cruel. Thanks for the airplane tattoos. The P-40 and the P-51 Mustang with the shark's mouth seem to be the most popular.
  22. The deer is nice. I really like how the Hamsa is a bit simpler and then it has this great eye that just really jumps out at you.
  23. Insects/Bugs In General There are a lot of insects and spiders and such that would make for some great tattoos. Just seems to be a bunch of moths and butterflies, which are really cool, but what about some centipede tattoos? How about a really vivid tattoo of a brightly colored tarantula? I'm sort of surprised that there aren't more bee and wasp tattoos. Seems like they would have appeal to men and women and there are lots of things you can do with them. Something kind of traditional/old school like a Hornet fighting thing like the Mickey's Logo, or be really realistic with it, do stuff with the honey and cuteness of them for women kinda like hummingbirds. So many insects have such bright, incredible colors they just seem to be great tattoo fodder. Tank Tattoos and Fighter Plane Tattoos I realize the Navy has the edge on this because they've been part of the tattoo culture for far longer but for every tank or fighter plane tattoos there are probably 10,000 ship tattoos. Haven't seen anybody post a picture of their really kick ass Abrams, Panzer or P-52 lately. They seem like they'd embody a lot of the same meaning of a ship. Adventure, freedom, power.
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