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    I'm an Aboriginal historian winding her way through a PhD with my best friend and two orange cats.
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  1. I'm a prof and so is my husband - two academics, visible tattoos and zero issues.
  2. Interesting! Seeing as you've been working with your Dr already - your only option would be to look at having your Dermatologist remove it - As my understanding of common tattoo removal goes it involves a laser breaking down ink pigments (different wavelengths affect different colour molecules) - this wouldn't affect a phosphorescent pigment - your best option would be to have it removed surgically if it's something you are concerned about. LS has an excellent tattoo removal thread with some great advice by a seasoned pro. Is it possible for someone to apply a crude tattoo without your knowing? Sure depending on your state at the time - the 80's were a thing for sure. Was it likely applied with a tattoo machine? Probably not - more likely your skin was cut and pigment was rubbed in it. Good luck!
  3. It may be a good idea to see a dermatologist so they can see what's happening to the skin. I missed the description - there may be an explanation as to why it's phosphorescent - as it could be something you may want removed... good luck!
  4. This - all this... Honestly watching the number of long-time valuable posters (many of whom were artists) disappear I'm guessing is for the same reason I rarely post - I'm tired of the snark. if it's lame ignore it and let the post sink. I'm here to talk good tattoos - not torture those with bad ones.
  5. I've never been tattooed by him but a friend of mine has. He does good realistic and his shop is pretty well respected in Toronto. The other shop I've heard talked about in TO for realism is The Black Pearl on The Danforth. If you are looking for cool black and grey check out Jennifer at the Pearl https://www.instagram.com/jenniferlawes/ or Alex Snelgrove at the Okey Doke https://www.instagram.com/snelgrove/ she not currently taking new work but her books will open up in a few months.
  6. Starting a new position today as a full time Faculty Member at my College and am saying goodbye to precarious employment!
  7. My favourite part of this was when you were consulting with Chad and his only question was - can it be weird?
  8. My hand holding flower by Nikki Balls.
  9. Come to Toronto of Vancouver - you'll see tattoos just about everywhere
  10. Thank you for getting me to my appt on time and helping me through that last 1/2 hr!
  11. So last session today finishing up the dragon and the background on my sleeve. Arm by Daniel Innes at The Pearl Harbour Gift Shop in Toronto
  12. I saw on your instagram! You two looked like you were having tonnes of fun! (I still want some of the monmon kitty gear!)
  13. Alice by Jennifer Lawes at Pearl Harbor - this may have been my easiest tattoo ever.
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