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  1. Alex Kass in San Antonio puts out some killer traditional work.
  2. So, I got to spend a few hours yesterday with Jack freakin Rudy at Shanghai Kate's shop. Such a wonderful experience. Jack's a very cool guy and we talked throughout most of the tattoo. At the end we all agreed that it looks like an old-school Jack Rudy tattoo.
  3. Well I was gonna give it a rest for a little while........and then Shanghai Kate talked me into booking with Jack Rudy! Put my deposit down to get in with him in April.
  4. So this wasn't a "latest tattoo" but it was a recent experience in a tattoo shop.... Last night, I was fortunate enough to attend a very informal, intimate get-together in Shanghai Kate's backyard. Kate had Lyle Tuttle and Jacci Gresham spending the day with her. It was absolutely unreal to sit and chat with these folks. As someone who is very into the history of tattooing, it was like stepping into a time machine.
  5. I'm a huge fan of Pancho's work. Pancho's Placas on IG. I've wanted something from him for a while now.
  6. Ok, the last one in my whirlwind of 3 appointments in 3 weeks. Finished up this one from Chauncey "CK" Kochel.
  7. Well, I feel like we finally jumped the shark from "casual fans of tattoos" to "oh god I'm spending all my money on tattoos". My wife and I flew from Austin to Los Angeles this past week to get tattooed by Freddy Negrete at Shamrock Social Club. He knocked out this St Michael in about 4 hours, all single-needle. He also did a portrait of my daughter on my wife. Freddy was very cool and the entire shop was awesome. As a side note, Mark Mahoney is probably the nicest tattoo artist I've ever met. He has me convinced to make a return trip out there to get tattooed by him too.
  8. Got this tribute to my hometown (this gazebo sits prominently in the town square) from Dave Wah at the Austin Convention this weekend.
  9. At Precisely Veiled? I got him there last trip through. He's seriously good people and that shop is one of the nicest I've ever been tattooed in.
  10. So, I've gone a little crazy lately. I already had an appointment in December with Chauncey "CK" Kochel. Then I made my appointment with Dave Wah in January for the Austin convention.......well, my wife and I decided we needed a vacation..... So, we both have appointments in February with Freddy Negrete at Shamrock in LA. After that, I swear I'll slow down.
  11. My wife and I got "matching" heart tattoos from Aaron Is (during a guest spot at Precisely Veiled Tattoo in Killeen, TX).
  12. So excited to get booked in with Dave Wah at the Austin Convention in January. He's been one of my bucket list artists for a while. Also, my wife and I are getting something from Aaron Is next weekend during his guest spot in Killeen, TX.
  13. Totally spontaneous addition today. Had the day off so I stopped into Royal Tiger in Austin to drool over BHR's new flash sheets. Bailey was there with nothing to do sooooo about two hours later, I walked out with this beauty.
  14. Added this one tonight from Jonathan Montalvo. What a genuinely good dude.
  15. I'll be getting one of Montalvo's animals. Believe we're going with a bear. I'm planning various American Traditional tattoos on my left leg. After Montalvo and my appointment with Aaron Is for a sacred heart, my next step will be getting a Rock of Ages from Steve Byrne. It's almost overwhelming how many great artists we have here in the Austin area. Plus, I have to alternate appointments with my wife, who is just as obsessed!
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