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    Pritty much the Scottish stereotype - Ginger, beardy, tattooed and rather fond of a good night out. Been in and around the tattoo trade for a fair few years, but only took it on seriously in the last 3 years. I think it is a bit late to be an apprentice but i do think im giving it the honour it deserves insted of leaching of hard work of other and bringing the good upholders of the craft down. Ive spent most of these last few years trying to hown my drawing capabilities in all styles but i do have a fondness for the clean, strong work like Dave Lum, Jim Miner and they guy from firth street which i strive to have, but just to put my personal spin on it. I'm hopefully working towards being a good example of the newer generation of tattooer. All i strive for in the future is to learn as much as possible, associate myself with established artists (and pick there brains) and get more bad ass tattoo. Hope to talk to more of you guys on this may even meet you guys in the future. Thats really me in a nut shell and look forward to the banter. Keep it sleazy The Ginger Man Mountain Bailey Junior
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    Edinburgh, Scotland
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    Art, Music, Tattoos, Usual pish
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    Tattoo Apprentice and Bar Manager

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  1. Hey guys

    Since im apprenticing im not wanting to clog this site up with my sketches, so it would be much appriciated if you guys can have a wee look and pass on some criticisum (if you have time). Cheers for your time and hope to hear from yous soon


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