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  1. hi my name is Marko Kohtala im from finland. i love art on everything iv been practicing i think 3year with airbrush but this tattoo thing has been on my dream long time well i dont like blood pain or stuff but i love drawing. airbrush is like 90 prosent only technique and not so much drawing so i want t learn tattoo that i can draw on skin too lol iv been practicing on pigskin fruits and fake skin, and know i have to study lot i mean lot before i start on skin, i have try two time on skin thought, with 3 size needle and my machine it was just so different that any other surface feels like. i think needle was just too small size 5 would work better. well any way nice to be here and dont be too hard on me here are lates ab work and 2 tattoo lining practice on skin
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