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  1. Is this how you help new people to the site? after receiving SEVERAL comments from SEVERAL different people all about the same thing, about posting different comments, but not knowing that I should use the same thread, and being jumped on about it, not just by the one person, I am a little tired of this and will find a site where they will be a little more helpful to new people. I made a mistake. I strongly suggest everyone who mentioned it and especially the passive aggressive people who make COWARDLY cheap comments, to look at how sensitive THEY are. This is a pretty crappy 1st experience w
  2. Didn't know how to. New to this site. Feel free to delete all of my posts. I'LL use another site.
  3. Here are a few pics of most of the line work of the bottom half of full sleeve. Line work of screaming skull still to be put on, will go beside Reaper with sickle and will be facing back and looking at anyone behind me. Keep tattooing and trust your artist :cool:
  4. thanks MMx5, they are pretty kick-ass and its not even finished yet. I am having another reaper w / full hood and sicle put on the front of my forearm surrounded by flames and a pair of ace of spades cards put on the under-side of my forearm also surrounded by flames, to make it a full sleeve. Then once all the black and grey is done, he is putting red in the eyes of all the reapers and small bits of red in the background to make it look like it is glowing red behind the tattoo and then will finish it off with a few white highlights. Will post pics through out the process.
  5. here are some pics of the work so far - - - Updated - - -
  6. Almost finished 1/2 sleeve, and like it so much, decided to go full sleeve. Design being worked on and getting lines put on in 5 days.
  7. Working on the healing process. Had 1/4 of the shading done and Doing what I think is some really good after-care, washing 3-5 times a day, letting it dry out completely afterwards, then applying some really good unscented moisturizer with the first 2 ingredients being aqua and glycerin. On day 5 of healing and starting to peel nicely and only a a few tiny little area's of minimal rough scab like surface, but wondering if the darkness of the shading will lessen? Want to see more of the definition.
  8. Here's a pic of the line work, Will post a couple of pics of the finished product when its completed.
  9. My tattoo artist is Andy Ferrier out of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, which is where I am located. Andy is an amazingly skilled artist who wins handfuls of awards and is known for his line work, detail, shading and Big pieces. He works at a shop named Utility Tattoo's. Check out his gallery. - - - Updated - - - May have used the wrong terminology. The organic reference was meant for the line work and style of filler and shading, it is very flowing as opposed to bio-mechanical or something more rigid. Will post some pics when I figure out how. - - - Updated - - - I would like to think I am
  10. Hey everyone, i'm new to the tattoo world an am working on my first tattoo, a black and grey half-sleeve made up of skulls and organic lines with lots of shading and amazing line work. Will post pics when finished and will enter the tattoo of the month club.
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