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  1. New to the tattoo world

    thanks @Nazara and @pidjones Will redraw :) and show it around here for more opinions and advice
  2. New to the tattoo world

    Will look also into those. Anymore input, ideas, advice all is welcome. Thanks :)
  3. New to the tattoo world

    Thank you Graeme ;) really! That is the kind of input I am looking for, I will look into it, and come back with something more thought through. Thank you, hope to chat more soon.
  4. New to the tattoo world

    Thanks Marley. I have sent the the sketch to the artist, and we arrange for him to respond with something closer to the session date. Although meanwhile I want to explore more ideas with people that know about tattooing. I do know that and artist time and mind is something you should pay for :) but only looking for a nice informal conversation with ideas on this nice forum. Hopefully this will be the first of many future tattoos if I love it. I want it to be as perfect as it can be. I am going for something simple and geometric, since those are the kind of things I have always drawn on the side of my school books, and what I love :)
  5. New to the tattoo world

    Hi :) I am a Portuguese new to the whole tattoo world. Always wanted to get some but was never brave enough. I am getting my first tattoo in a few weeks and want all the advice I can get :) I know I should post on the advice section, but still can't post there. Although this what I a want to get. http://imgur.com/iBr4iMe I am not a designer or anything, but I do have simple sketch. My idea is to make the tattoo on the back of my upper arm, a discrete tattoo. I made sketch, which is the start to get something, but nothing like a finished project (particularly the roots part). The idea is, the geometric figure are the places where I lived (each corner of it is on its relative map position, Lisbon, Madrid, Berlin, London), and the roots hang from my home place Lisbon. The lines are thin (I don't know how thin you can make them, so that they survive time, and the skin changing) and there is a gradient in the geometric shape that goes from ocre to black. I would love to have you guys input, ideas, and advice on how can I make this sketch better. Thanks :)