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    If you are looking for an old school tattoo, stop right here and forget about this. There are different styles of tattooing and different tattoo artists who like those unique styles. I personally tried different styles of tattooing and then after a while I decided what I like and what I can do best ( you can’t possibly know until you have tried everything in life, what you like best ) I can make most of the styles which is in the tattoo industry now. Why choose an artists who has develop skills in a particular type of tattooing and ask him to do something that might not be his best work? It is like going to get a surgery where you choose a psychiatrist to operate on you, it is still the same branch, the psychiatrist went through great efforts to become a good doctor, he knows the anatomy of the human body, but has not develop his skills in that area because it wasn’t for him. I hope you will understand the point. That being said; I would like to present to you, the styles of tattoo in which I have developed skills for several years: Black & gray Color 3d Grunge mixed with realism Realism Asian new school Biomechanical New school tattoo Trash polka Maori Also combining all these styles together, I create my own different unique style and provide my unique mark on the tattoo. I have been tattooing over 7 years now, and still have the same burning desire for learning more and new. My passion for the art is my motivation and it hasn't changed since I started just wanting to make a tatto on myself :-). Every time a person reaches out to me and ask me about getting a tattoo. I try as much as possible to get to know this person who I am about to make a permanent creation. I do that, because I like to think about me, as creating a mark of memory, of the life of that person, and he choose and trust me to do it. I want my customers to say: ‘’Yeah, good choice in making that tattoo’’ when he or she looks at the result. I don’t say you have to be my friend or otherwise, I am just saying I am the creator of your dream tattoo, which you probably whished for a long time. You come to me based on your choosing of tattoo artists, because there are plenty to choose from, so take in consideration my advice regarding the tattoo, so we can make the best of my work, and the best of your thoughts, and put it in a tattoo that will last forever. I am Robert Costea /Tattoo Artist; Welcome To my world, you may enter for the journey of a lifetime! P.S.: Don’t be afraid of living, you are already doing it :-)
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