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    Hello from the new guy

    Hi everybody, My name is Andy. I'm a midwest kid/bartender/guitar player in a psychobilly band who's been living on the west coast for the last 10 years. Got my first tattoo at 18 and have continued getting inked in fits and spurts ever since. Finally at 32 I'm within shouting distance of having my right sleeve finished, just need to figure out what the hell I'm doing with my elbow. I find I've gotten in the habit of acquiring pieces as travel souvenirs so I haven't necessarily given a ton of thought as to an overall cohesive "concept." So what ended up as a sleeve began as just a bunch of different pieces. I just know I've always been drawn to American traditional imagery and style and at this point I seem to have run out of room on this particular arm. :) I'm actually a little blown away I've managed to go this long without running into this forum, but now that I have I'm happy to be here. After just briefly clicking around, it's obvious there are a bunch of talented, knowledgeable folks here and I definitely look forward to getting to know you guys. Cheers.