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    I'm not a fancy new cool guy tattooer just a solid tattoo guy from before tattoos were really cool w/a K. I don't drive a Bentley or wear tight pants. my bicycle has brakes but two flat tires cuz I'm fat and lazy...but I am super happy to be doing what I do and living my life in a bubble with my wife. Eights and Aces Tattoo 343 1/2 Soquel Ave. Santa Cruz, Ca. 95062 831-421-9394
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    I live in Santa Cruz and own Eights and Aces tattoo
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    Cars and painting and stuff.
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  1. i dont know honestly. we are suppose to have a shop art show in a gallery in august so i guess if i get enough done for that i can. but who knows dude i havent even started anything.ask me again later and maybe i can do it. hope your well. santa cruz and reno?

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