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  1. Lol ! I won't for sure !! If i see that artist on street i would have something kind a fight. What are the best Tattoo style to use as a coverup? I was watching that traditional use full colors , without much detail or texture. The same thing happens with the Japanese. What do you think about tattoos realistic animals, in great detail and texture, such as hair , wings , shadows, etc .. ?
  2. Nice Idea. So: On the left side of chest: I've the word "Igualdad" and i cann add below the word "Animal". I can decorate with lines and would look like a block. On the right side of my chest: I can cover the word Animal with lot of animals. Maybe i can continue it to my arm so i make a sleeve
  3. I've seen great artists, i loved one you gave me... It's on instagram as SANTUALTAMIRANO. The thing is that i don't like KOY FISH because everyone here in argentina hasta a Koy. I don't like either tradis... "SANTUALTAMIRANO" is a japanese artist but has pretty clean and solid lines. I was thinking.. if i add a word Under "Igualdad", with the same style and decorative lines... It would break the Simetry in chest and the word "Animal" will look like other tattoo
  4. thanks guys... joe shit you gave me a lot of info.. im watching all the material. It would be imposible without laser ?
  5. Thanks you all Anyone more ideas?
  6. They were done at same time but i think i caugh an artist in a bad day. Its fucking up my life i cant even take off my shirt. The phrase means Animal equality. What do you have in mind yo work each area separately ?(sorry for my english lol ) i tought to cover Animal and then i can add a word under "Igualdad" (the word in the left) - - - Updated - - - thanks for you time. i also think the word animal is the worst. Do you think its easy covering or it would look like a big dark stain - - - Updated - - - im from argentina. la plata, buenos aires
  7. the photo is uploaded... you have to scroll
  8. Do you think it can look like a new tattoo and not a cover up? thats my fear. Now some artist are using a Dot per dot technique.. its seems pretty nice to cover things
  9. I registered here because i want a solution to a problem I've. I have a script chest tattoo and i want to cover half of it. I need ideas because its fucking up my life... i see its crooked. Its ok to me to cover either the word "igualdad" or the word "Animal". I just want to ver one of them I was thinking of an eagle in my shoulder, using one wing into my chest to cover. Something like this..
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