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  1. I love these biomech tattoos, thinking of getting a C3PO sleeve but I'm not sure if I want full golden arm.
  2. Got into the game pretty late. I turned 30 in 2014, ended a long term relationship with a GF who was virulently anti-tattoo, and finally got the Neverending Story tattoo I'd been thinking of for years. Got setup through a friend from work and the dude is awesome. In the process of filling out a half sleeve of sci fi/fantasy magickness with some family stuff thrown in.
  3. Glaive

    Hello LST

    So I hit 30 years old and decided it was finally time for some tattoos. Working on a sci-fi/fantasy themed arm sleeve, got 2 (low-quality) pictures up and I'll post the 3rd as soon as its done healing. This site has been a great resource to me for tattoo ideas/information and I'm glad to officially be a part of the community. Go Cubs.
  4. Glaive

    Falkor as AURYN

    Mike Tofano
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