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    Tattoo artist from South Louisiana. Owner of Rob Prodigy's Idle hands Tattoo in Abbeville, Louisiana Previous owner of Adrenaline tattoo studio in Opelousas, Louisiana. Instagram @robprodigy
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    Abbeville, Louisiana
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  1. $400 deposit is a lot of money for no work being shown. But honestly unless you got a receipt saying what was agreed upon with that 400 you're in limbo. If you have a receipt with an agreed upon time for completion of the sketch and dated appointment then you have leverage for your money back and the ability to give that money to a better organized artist. But if you never got any agreement on paper then your easiest resolution would be wait for him to get back into town. Best advice anyone could give would be get an agreement in writing before you drop any amount of money for a deposit, and dont do business with someone who forfeits on their agreed schedule for that amount of time. Regardless of if you get the full amount of your deposit back I personally would choose an artist that takes the situation more seriously, (he did let you find out through the shop, instead of a personal call)
  2. Have you thought about a style called trash polka? Its growing in popularity lately (at least where I tattoo) and is a great way of branching off of plenty of styles. It has a unique way of meshing with almost anything I have come across and is a great way of both expression and filling space. So whether you are looking to fill up fast, or looking for a good blend from one tattoo to another its a style I always find works well when well executed.
  3. I'm Rob Prodigy from Louisiana. I currently own and operate a tattoo studio in Abbeville, Louisiana. I'm always looking to learn more and network through any means necessary. I look forward to exploring this site, and hopefully make some contacts in the process.
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