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  1. Hello,miss pic ,maya and i are thé "oldest"but î m thé only one from Nice ,î talk to miss'pic a While ago through my Space î thînk she is working around paris now. - - - Updated - - - Thanks a lot
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    LAETITIA angel tattoo
  4. Let me introduce myself, my name is Laetitia,î m a french tattoo artist, i own two shops in Nice France,with my husband and my daughter.i started Tattooing over 25 years ago,and opened my first shop 19 years ago That i run alone for Few years, It mâkes me one of thé first female tattoo artist in this country cause we were only 4 back then.My husband is américan from Arizona,we just bought an Old existent shop in Tampa Fl ,and planning working over There sometimes,as well as guesting some of thé artists of our team to France and some of good french artiste will be guested in Tampa as well... You can Check our works on thé Fb page thank you for Your time. Laetitia