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  1. That's kinda cool for a super good looking woman like her to get. Kinda shows she has personality and isn't afraid of showing it. On the other hand it is done a lot. Growing up in Portland Oregon I've seen these tattoos a bunch but mainly on dudes. A hot chick with it...I'm okay with.

  2. I've seen some terrible tattoos but I never tell the people that "god that's ugly" because I don't like to offend. You never know if there is a meaningful story behind it. As for myself, luckily the two that are terrible on me are relatively small and easy cover ups.

  3. Hi there, my name is Nathan, I'm new to this site and honestly I'm looking for critiques in the work I've been getting done. I'm super happy with the work and the tattoo artist has been amazing. But I feel the need to ask others in the tattoo community what they think as well.

    I'm going full sleeve classic universal monsters, your opinions are appreciated. Thanks all.


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