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    32yr old married 14yrs to date father of 2 beautiful girls 7mo and 5yr old New to the tattoo sceene. got my first piece on 08-26-2015 and LOVE IT loved how it felt and just love everything about it.
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    West Virginia
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    computers, books, outdoors
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    IT Tech
  1. hi im from West Virginia a small town called rainelle in the southern part of the state. recently got my first tattoo after thinking about it for years a life event happened that made me just go for it (more on that in a minute) got my first ink 08-26-2015 and love it everything about it now im hooked and planning my next ones. Story Behind my Tattoo: it starts out when i was younger. i have always been a lone wolf well in 2001 i married my wife which started my pack in 2010 we had our first daughter and in 2015 we had our 2nd daughter. our second daghter was born happy and healthy. but to
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