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  1. whoa check this out | List of books on Tattoos and Tattooing
  2. so i have "1,000 Tattoos" and "Vintage Tattoos: the book of old-school skin art" both have been great. can anyone point me toward some other books? not really interested in traditional japanese stuff, however relevant. just American for me D
  3. Anybody have any? ever thought about it? i'll be getting this badboy (or something like it) at smith st. when the big day comes. graduating from college in May -Dylan
  4. dude tattoos outta Goose Tattoo in Brooklyn. great dude, great tattooer I remember him from njhc shows in early 2000's anyone ever hit dude up? here's an interview and some pics: Swallows&Daggers | Interviews | John Poverty
  5. hey there. post rib pieces of yours or some that you think are cool! i have a tiny coverup to do. many possibilities, i'd like to get some ideas flying around. girl? eagle? hmm
  6. haha thanks for your contribution irezumi
  7. you heard me. i'll be seeing mr. Krak tomorrow evening, let's see what you got -Dylan
  8. some of my favorite. i have one. but a question.. i've noticed that bailey uses finer detail than most traditional tattooers. makes me wonder whether his tattoos age as gracefully as those of smith street or the like, which are bolder and simpler.. anyone?
  9. ps how bad is it? i'd like to see

  10. ended up keeping it and embracing the idea of just more tattoos. early on in my tattooing life i approached Eli about a small problem i had, and he was kind and considerate but really didn't budge much. if i were you i'd just keep it and continue getting tattooed there..we're lucky to be able to go! it's the best in the world for our style as i'm sure you know

  11. i think that traditional tattoos look better when accompanied by others. why is this? maybe it's just the look i'm used to..i have yet to achieve this, but i have 4 separate traditional tattoos, all but two on different limbs. the two that are in closer proximity to one another look best of them all. thoughts?
  12. thanks rasko. yea that photo is terrible, apologies. i'll get a better one up when it's nice and healed, i'm all flakey right now
  13. wow, wow, those are fucking sick legs. wow
  14. thanks. you're right, i've also been thinking that it needs something around it. oh well, looks like i'll just have to get more tattoos haha darn
  15. got this bad boy on Thursday. Earl is the middle name that my dad gave me. pretty fucking stoked on it.
  16. This is the first time I've booked an appointment before deciding upon what tattoo I want. Bailey Robinson, Sept. 5th. Some think that because they are permanent, a responsibly applied tattoo requires more consideration than I am showing. But I see this as a step toward being comfortable getting tattoos in the way that I want to: for the sake of the tattoo itself. as a time stamp and nothing more in the way of conceptual significance. Bailey might be my favorite tattooer, so I know I can't go wrong. Thoughts? Does anyone remember over-thinking their tattoos, and their transition to this method, of picking flash and figuring it out when you get there? Was that a fast or slow transition? Or did you start out getting them that way... Discuss!
  17. i've been thinking about this..i have on my left arm right now a tattoo of my dog on my shoulder, and a longhorn bull head on my inner bicep. i want to get an eagle / banner, but maybe i should put it on the other arm and save that space for a non-animal design? thoughts?
  18. what is the skull / mortarboard (graduation cap) / book and pipe tattoo from? any origin? and what is the butterfly with the skull as a body? kinda like on the cover of Silence of the Lambs.
  19. i agree with you two..i think the space should definitely be taken advantage of. i want to get an eagle holding a scale. probably going to have eli quinters do it
  20. i have yet to get one. post yours! also, what is your personal preference? big thigh piece? or leave room for several normal-sized ones
  21. hey thanks everyone for the replies. this has really helped re-align me and how i feel about this tattoo. i'm really not insecure in my toughness or my image..if i was i definitely would never have gotten this tattoo. i think though that the simple answer is that i just need more tattoos to put this one in perspective. thanks again all
  22. thanks guys..that seems to be what most have told me. valerie i did have a suspicion that as i got more tattoos, perhaps some tuffer ones, i would start to think less about this one. decisions decisions
  23. so i went through a really dark patch a few months ago, and in a state of unmatched disregard i got a tattoo on my shoulder of my dog with a heart and flowers around it. very cutesie, and though beautifully done it is not my style at all and i've come to really hate it i'd like to remove the dog (fortunately it's black) and, if possible put in it's place an eagle or something. really anything. two questions: 1) this tattoo was done by Eli Quinters at smith street, who i deeply respect as both a tattooer and as a super nice person. should i tell him that i would like to remove / replace the dog in the heart? should i give him the opportunity to operate on his own work? or should i take the job elsewhere. i do intend to get more work from him in the future..perhaps i could just not show him that arm 2) what do you think is possible as far as a coverup / re-working? again, i only intend to remove the dog. i think that attempting a full cover-up / removal would be a bit ambitious. thanks all.