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  1. Hi, I'm Zeke

    Well damn thanks for that I will see how it goes. Thank you all too.
  2. Hi, I'm Zeke

    I am not gonna do something nasty on another persons skin until I know I can do the same thing with a tattoo gun as I can with a pen or my tablet
  3. Hi, I'm Zeke

    I just don't get how can germs be left on it if I didn't touch the skin with the tip at all
  4. Hi, I'm Zeke

    Alright gonna look into that later. I KNOW I SEEM LIKE A RETARD cus of the pig skin question etc just understand I don't know about all the tattoo stuff as most of you do so IM SORRY if I said something wrong or something and I appreaciate the support from some of yousss.
  5. Hi, I'm Zeke

    the tattoo artist that I contacted was also a dick and yeah, I can draw so it won't be shit to do something on my skin once I get the hang of it also why is everyone so angry damn
  6. Hi, I'm Zeke

    Hey, I'm Zeke I live in Serbia and I'm still in high school(12th grade). I been drawing since I was a kid and now I do a lot of digital art and sometimes animations. Sometimes, people told me that I should draw tattoos(probably because I draw a lot of tattooed people haha), I didn't think much of it because I always get compliments but I never fully accept them so it wont go to my head(still feels nice that people like my stuff but still), so I had been thinking about it quite often, I don't fully imagine myself doing tattoos for a living but it's surely one of the options that I'd love to take(alongside other options like making cartoons or drawing comics or something) orr I'd just tattoo for fun. I wanted to get a tattoo for myself and once I found out about the price of em I was a lil mixed(I bought lots of stuff for my summer days pay and I had to buy some extra stuff so I was low on funds) so I decided to get a tattoo machine instead. I found out more about it and didn't want to get infected or anything so I decided to look into it, as I STILL didn't find some information about tattooing on the web or maybe I didn't know how to look for it(can I wash and sterilize the tip and tattoo myself without infection after I used it on some piggy skin)I got myself here, sooo hi all!