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  1. I heard someone refer to coils as copperlogs once. I have no clue why but it's a running joke at the shop now.
  2. I'm a tattooer at Sacred Art Tattoo & Piercing in Smithfield, NC and I'm my own worst critic. I started tattooing in 04 I believe. I had the typical apprenticeship where I did a lot and didn't learn as much as I wanted too when I was 19. Finished that and kept learning by asking questions to anyone that would listen and answer pretty much. I've also picked up a couple of DVDs and books along the way from Kingpin, Luckys and Infinite Irons I believe. I hope I never stop learning. I took some time off at the end of 06 to finish college and started back in the beginning of 08 and then another year off from early 09 to late 09 to be a stay at home daddy. Also, my dad pasted away in Dec. of 08, so my head wasn't in it very well. I got a great opportunity to work were I'm at now and I haven't looked back. It seems like I get better everyday, you know. And I guess when you surround yourself with good people, it helps out. Since I started at Sacred Art, I've gotten in to building machines. Well assembling machines, lol. I like to Frankenstein stuff. I haven't gotten into the coil winding and frame welding yet for lack of a place to do it. It's coming though. I have an old S&R frame that I'm going to "re-purpose" soon. I also just recently gotten into painting. Oh wow, I just looked back at all I was typing and there's a lot so I guess I'll stop there. Like I said before, I'm looking forward to meeting some cool folks and learning some more while I'm here. Thanks for the welcome man. Later, Jamey
  3. What's up yall. My name is Jamey. I'm from Clayton NC. Married with 2 kids. I've been lurking for a while and finally decided to join. I'm looking forward to getting to know yall and have fun while I'm here. Later, Jamey