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  1. Sorry, not advertising - just an overly informative signature block which appears to be a little wordier than the new rules allow. Fixing it! - - - Updated - - - Thanks Lochlan! Yeah, I've gotten two more since this post. I'm uploading pictures of them shortly.
  2. Hey folks, I'd been thinking for a long time about getting a tattoo and finally took the plunge. http://www.lastsparrowtattoo.com/gallery/newimages/8597-transformation.html I chose the Simplified Chinese letters for "transformation" because the last 7 years have been a trip in a lot of ways. I started out at 455 lbs, diabetic, and miserable. Today I'm 295 lbs, a Zumba Fitness instructor, and still a full time road warrior (systems engineer). More links: Steven "MrXinu" Klassen - Knowledge exists to be imparted. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson (blog) GeekFit Podcast (podcast) http://www.mrzumba.com
  3. Two letters in Simplified Chinese: to change, to turn.
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