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    American born and raised, married a Canadian, now I live in Canada.
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    Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
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    Classic Mustangs, Pink Floyd, vinyl records, Star Wars and anime.
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    Security Officer
  1. Thank you for your response. I saw the press meeting where Japan Tourism Agency Commissioner Shigeto Kubo was saying that with the 2020 Olypmics coming up that the Japanese people should try to understand that many cultures have tattoos for fashion and ethic reasons. I hope that this stigma is changing. I had a friend go over to Japan and go into a hot spring and the people inside were asking him what his tattoos mean and why he got them. The people asking him were the younger ones, the older people stayed away from him he said.
  2. Do you live in Japan? I've heard that in Japan they're very prejudice against tattoos and are banned from certain places if they're showing. Sorry if it's too personal a question.
  3. Xodric


    Thank you for your kind words Marie Thompson. What I noticed about my patches that would show up in an area already with ink on them is that it would fade the color in that spot. This only occurred a few times and my tattoo artist had no problem touching them up. It was something we discussed prior to any ink being applied. I was always forward and open with my condition with him. The cream I use is a white topical cream called Betaderm. I've asked my Doctor to recommend a Dermatologist to seek other types of treatment because I am not happy with the results of creams for the last 17 years. T
  4. Xodric


    Hello, I've been getting my first tattoo over the course of the last year, probably another few months left before it'll be finished. I've wanted a tattoo for a long time but never had the time for it. I have psoriasis and finding a tattoo artist who's willing to work with that wasn't easy. After each session there would be a period after the healing time that my body was at risk of forming new patches over the scarred skin. This happened after the outlining was done. Initial outline: Winter in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada is not your friend. At the time my tattoo was healing it was declare
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