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  1. I k now a artist who has done some work on me.And the pain you get from him is because he's super heavy-handed. does great work but Everything feels completely Raw when he's done.
  2. MY homeboy does most of my work so I just give him what he asks for & sometimes I pay infull for a tattoo I haven't gotten yet.He got pissed because I went somewhere elSe for a tattoo but it wasn't my trip.The artist quoted me super high on a tattoo that I wantEd.I used to go to the shop but the artist I used was no longer there and the guys there no longer knew me as my friend was doing all of my work. so I had with him and got him to a price that he was happy with and I was too. the reason I believe he quoted me high is because he didn't know if you would ever see me again. so when it was done I gave him a tip. he was very appreciative and we took some pics as he had never done one of these before. I'm getting ready to get a bunch more work done and I would like to use him again but my friend is just as good & at one point I was getting 1,000 $ pieces for 200 bucks. after he saw the other guys tattooed me I still gotta break in price,he was doing some work on my old lady at the time & kept asking her how come I didn't come to him. When I go to him .Im actually bringing him A hand full of cash and saying do whatever you want to do. because he has some killer ideas I wantEd a full head tattoo.Like where it all works into the hairline and would be black and grey very detailed he had told me at one point I would do my whole head for free if he could do whatever he wanted. So to make it up to him I'm going to let him...yet pay. Plus he just does gnarly work anyway. And I think it will make him happy and forget about me using the other guy. and makes an artist feel like you cheated on them on most especially since he's done So much work on me.Sorry I tend to run to get off subject moral of the story is treats are just right and they will treat you right.
  3. Tell em your neighbors dog told you to do it,among other things....I do.But you the same more polite than me so if you can't get it out of the conversation by picking your phone up and Sam sorry I got to take this and just kind and tell him I love lions Hollywood beautiful and my body so I got it.Not like they paid for.
  4. My grandfather started a 3 piece patch m.c. in the late 60s & they had a backwards swastika worked into it &everyone thought it was racist.He was indian&it was an indian symbol.I myself got family values tattooed on me above my brow & then find out when I moved to where Im @ that theres a white prison gang with the same name.&with my love I guess I look like I can be In it.I dress and Dickies Thrasher and vans type stuff. I got approached by a guy yesterday asking me if I was in that gaNg. anyway I'm going to get off the subject but I guess what it comes down to is do whatever you want to do get whatever you want to get. I would like to change the tattoo I speak of but it would be kind of hard I'm just tired of kids coming up to me asking me the same stupid question. but all in all it's actually my favorite tattoo so whatever
  5. I got a whole sleeve run time in one Sitting& my artist was about worn out said he's never seen anybody get a full sleeve at one time.He said he had never seen anyone who could take it that long.We started early in the morning&went allnite.Anyways my arm was raw but when I got huge old English letters from my hipbone across my whols stomach up to right below my nipples..when the bone on the hip was being worked on it hurt but you work through it or it seems pointless.
  6. When I get another tattoo I try to make sure it complements the others.And if I can I try to do the design myself. some people may not like my tattoos but long as I feel comfortable in my own skin with them that's all that really matters at the end of the day.
  7. I'm new here about to go introduce myself...but saw this.I have alot of pretty crazy & vulgar tattoos & had facial tattoos before it became the "cool thing to do" I was @ a greyhound station years ago in Oklahoma or somewhere& Looked @ me through a glass window & just shook her head @ me I smiled.They way I look girls would either use my tattoos as a way to flirt & rs to judge.I always get told by people who know me that I always look pissed off so a lot of people trying not to make eye contact with me I guess. when I used to catch him doing so I would simply ask them that you lose something? and when they would say what? I'll just say what you're looking like you lost something. I grew a little older got more tattoos and its not that I got less staRes.I Guess I just grew more accustomed to them. Now it doesn't bother me at all I mean I got my first tattoo in 5th grade.I still get the regular questions Did that hurt? What does that say? I build motorcycles and hot rods and when people see this guy walking up to them when they are broke down on the side of the highway wearing Dickies vans & a baphomet hoodie With the type of tattoos I have I know I make them kind of nervous I put my hands up and I just say hey I work on cars can I give you a hand? a while back I did so to what appeared to be an upper class snob I guess you could say by the time I was done changing her tire and gave her a card and told her if she had a problem give me a call if she wasn't more than an hour away as she was from out of state she gave me a hug and with a nervous laugh she said with a nervous laugh I was kind of scared at first but your sweet heart to save my life Thank you. Now I just try to be polite to everyone mostly women I don't too much like guys looking at me anyways you grow accustomed to it it gets annoying but there's a lot of people who mean no harm by it.So every situation calls for a different way to handle it. I got tattoos because all my family was bikers and outlaws they all had them. I guess I just wanted to be an outsider but now days it's like going out to get a tattoo is like going to get a new pair of shoes it's just something some people do. but I feel without rhyme there's no reason. Sorry for the rant and 4 the poor punctuation I'm down with bronchitis using voice to text.