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    My name is Krista "tooth" Cheri, and I have spent the last few years learning the history and craft of tattooing. I have a background in Illustration and art history, I have spent the last 7 years working in the industry and the past 4 years full time tattooing. I'm open and willing to work in many styles within my skill range for my clients and love trying new things, however if given the opportunity, I love Americana and Japanese/Americana style work. My influences range from the tattoo world to the punk world where my first interest in tattoos began. I grew up in the New York Punk and Hardcore underground, and thus became interested in tattoos, all the older kids had such badass work, I couldn't help but fall in love. So with my ever growing love of underground music, flyer art, and tattoos, with a past history of loving the circus, I guess it was only natural I found and love tattooing. I hope to continue to learn and develop my style while getting the opportunity to meet some really cool new artists and clients! - Krista
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    tattoos, flash painting, horror, crafts, lowbrow artforms, reading, dogs
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    tattooer at Evil and Love Tattoo 211 Franklin St Brooklyn NY 11222

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