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    im a pretty friendly guy and try to always be respectful. i love many forms of art from music, films, drawings/paintings, tattoos, and photography.
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    I love gaming, shooting guns, racing, drinking w/ friends, and playing pool
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    Land Surveyor
  1. Ghostwolf


    Thank you! - - - Updated - - - Thank you! I'm around Dallas area, but I wouldn't mind traveling across the country for the right artist. - - - Updated - - - Thanks! I'll be sure to upload a picture of it as soon as I can - - - Updated - - - I was just looking at some of her work the other day, and I was really impressed. I'm glad to hear others vouch for her as I had put her on my list. Excited to see she located really close too. Thanks for the recommendation!
  2. Ghostwolf


    Nice, nice. Hope it turns out
  3. Ghostwolf


    Thanks! i want to get a hyperrealistic, three dimensional(as in appearing to be jumping off my skin) snarling wolf (down to about the neck) covering a decent part of my chest. do you have any pieces yourself?
  4. Ghostwolf


    Hello everyone in the LST community! I'm new here of course. I'm definitely excited to join and discuss something I love. Sadly i have not been able to get a tattoo yet because of lack of money or just being indecisive in what I want, but I have always loved looking at great work! Some artists nowadays are creating phenomenal works of art for others to wear and show off. I've finally decided on an idea for my first tattoo and thought I would reach out to a community to possibly get ideas for tweaks and help in finding the right artist for my tattoo! I would like to thank you for having me, and hopefully I will see you in the forums or maybe in the shop! Have a good one