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  1. Hello everybody, Viggo here. Greetings from Greater Cleveland! Nice to be here. Every time I have big changes in my life I like to get a tattoo to commemorate & remember the events. I recently finished my bachelors degree (only 10 years late), moved across the country, and started a new career, so it's time for a new tattoo. I'd like the "Finished my Bachelors" tattoo to fix the one I got when I started... Pic related: (Apologies for poor quality) It was put on by little more than a scratcher in a tattoo shop in College-Town, IA. These are the constellations of my family's Zodiac signs, done in shitty black stars that aren't even consistent with each other. I've been a huge fan of astrophotography since they launched Hubble when I was a boy, so I was thinking that the best way to fix this shitty tattoo is with a galaxy back piece which subtly incorporates my family's Zodiac signs & NASA photography... Questions? Concerns? Scathing indictments? Anybody know of any artists good with outer space within 3-4 hours of Cleveland?