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    i m a nobody
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    tattooing ... cars ... junk
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  1. Wow ... enough said great work

  2. a kid came in and has a penis cross on his arm .. i ll take a pic when he comes in for his appointment to cover it
  3. -Steve Boltz -Eli Quinters -Dan Santoro -Sam Hambrick -Brad Fink -Chris Adamek -Chris Pesonen -Nate Chadwick -Rich Cahill -Josh Kohn -Zoe Thorne -Phill Bartell -Joel Long -Dave Cavalcante -Jeremy Swed -Jeff Zuck -Mike Schweigert -Robert Ryan -Tom Yak -Zeke Owens -Chops -Bill Loika -Snake Eyes -Chad Koeplinger -Lil' Chico -Lissa Pederson -Mohawk John -Marco Hernandez -Cody Miller sorry to those i forgot
  4. Good afternoon homie. I commented on my photo asking if this was Petey Petey who left the message and sure enough...welcome to the site homie and glad you joined us! Doing good over here just grad school, working for myself doing consultations and now this new project with Scott. How about you? Miss all you guys and the insanity we've had over the years. Really wish I had money in my pocket to come out that way!!

    Until next time....


  5. Yo buddy how you been ... miss ya

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