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  1. You know, I was wondering about oils. I have Jamaican Black Castor Oil with Coconut Oil and I was wondering in my mind if I could use that on my tattoo. Oh, I already know there's gonna be a #4, but I have absolutely no idea what it'll be...but it'll probably either be my other thigh. my left foot/ankle or my left shoulder. Yeah...lots of choices lol. As for content, I've got a few ideas floating around in my head, but nothing concrete, and that's just fine :)
  2. @Gingerninja - Yeah, the lotion is working pretty well. I figured it would since it's what I have to use in the winter to keep my skin happy. In the summer I can usually get away with a lighter lotion though. I'm also careful about making sure extra ointment or lotion is taken off. With lotion I usually rub it down my leg and with ointment I usually blot it with a paper towel.
  3. @HettyKet - It's not that ice didn't work, it's that the relief didn't last. My tattoo it still wasn't itchy from when I put the facial moisturizer on until now, after I washed it and let it dry. For whatever reason, that moisturizer completely took the itch away. I went out and bought some thicker lotion (Target's brand of Eucerin), so hopefully that helps.
  4. @HettyKet - Serious question: how would an antihistamine help when it's not allergies?
  5. My leg pretty much has no hair, so I don't think that that's the reason. You could be right, but if you saw my thigh and I told you I hadn't shaved in 6 months (true), you wouldn't believe it because it looks like most peoples's 2 day growth. I don't know why I'm weird like that. But even with my lower legs I can get away with it for months, even through the summer. Based on your responses, I will not use that facial lotion again which sucks because I haven't itched in hours now! I'll have to find something else. @Kurgana - It itches all over, not in certain areas. It looks normal, just the gross peeling that happens, isn't warm to the touch no signs of infection or anything like that :) I tried ice, and it only sort of worked. And slapping it doesn't do much either but I do it all day at work because I have to. @bongsau - I love how it turned out, but petty much everyone thinks it's a shit tattoo. @Gingerninja - I'm already using lotion for sensitive skin because I have sensitive skin, so I'm good on that front. It's my everyday lotion (well, one of them). Like I said to kurgana, all is good and the only ugly is the peeling. No warmth, no weird bumps, just peeling that itches like hell. Maybe the super extra thick Eucerin would do that trick. My mom used that on me as a kid when my skin was extra dry and/or itchy. I absolutely hated it because it felt gooped on, but it was effective!
  6. Actually, it does itch that bad. I have 2 other tattoos and neither of them itched this much. Not even close actually.In fact, I've never had anything in my life itch as badly as this tattoo. Not even the rash I got from a medication or the horrible reaction I get from Johnson's baby lotion. I definitely don't prance around with my tattoo showing. In fact, most of the time I'm wearing pants because i have work and I have to wear pants. But thanks for the info about the chemicals and whatnot. I guess I'll have to find something else because this was seriously the best thing ever! My tattoo literally doesn't itch anymore whatsoever.
  7. Can you put sunscreen on a new tattoo (mine is a week old)? I put some of my Aveeno facial lotion on it to try and stop the itching, then I realized that it was a sunscreen one. Obviously using it once won't make a real difference, but can I use it again? My tattoo doesn't itch AT ALL anymore! So if it's okay, I want to continue with this, but if it's not, I will definitely stop.
  8. Well I did my after work shower, and I see that the other side has started peeling as well. Makes it seem a lot less weird lol. Explains why that part of my leg was so insanely itchy all day at work!
  9. Thanks. I was just kinda weirded out when only one side of it started peeling. I still have a long way to go healing wise, but it hasn't caused me any trouble.
  10. I got my tattoo done a week ago, and it has started to peel...but only one side. Is that normal, or do you think there's something causing it like maybe the way my pants rub it (I'd think it'd be the same or more on the side that's not peeling, but maybe I'm wrong). On the side that's not peeling there are teeny tiny bits that have a little scabbing, but that's it. I woke up this morning to a bit of minor peeling, but nothing like the other side. Any answers, ideas, help or suggestions?
  11. I won't disclose where I live, and telling who the artist is would do exactly that.
  12. I'd rather not say who because I'm from a small town, but he's awesome, and his personality is one of the reasons I love him so much, with the other big one being that we're always on the same wavelength.
  13. Tbh, I'm not looking for other artists. Unless/until I move, my artist will be the one I go to for all my work. I like what he does quite a bit. He may not be perfect or world class, but his tattoos make me happy, and that's what counts.
  14. Here's my phoenix! I love it! And bear in mind, as you can see from the weeping, this is absolutely 100% freshly done. It's also a weird angle, sorry. I'll post better pics when it heals. Not gonna deal with hate(rs) so goodbye pic
  15. My guy has tattooed me twice and both times turned out quite well, especially my shoulder piece which I'm absolutely in love with, so I know he can tattoo my skin, I just don't know too much about color since mine are both black and grey.
  16. I'm getting a piece on my thigh today that will probably be a 3 hour session or so, my longest yet. I know that I should bring a sweatshirt in case I get cold, water, snacks my headphones in case I want to listen to something or tune out the noise and maybe my Kindle so I have games to play. Anything else I need? Thanks!
  17. Interesting. I've seen color on black people, but not enough to know what colors are good or bad to use. I'm definitely going to ask my artist what colors he thinks I should use, and then use them!
  18. What colors look best on dark skin? I'm assuming my artist is thinking about then when he's making up my design, but out of curiosity, what colors would y'all suggest on dark skin? Not crazy dark, but like, a little darker than Rihanna dark. Sorry, skin color is hard to describe. Is purple one? I hope the answer is yes because it's my favorite color and I would love to have it incorporated with my tattoo!
  19. For sure, I just have some ideas in my head that I think would look good. And of course I'll post a pic!
  20. I'm still not sure on size, but I'll figure that out when I go in on Friday for my appointment. I think I'm also going to ask for some shading beside the tail feathers, like a sunset, maybe in watercolor, but I don't know. How does that sound?
  21. I'm getting a phoenix done on my thigh on Friday, and I have the preliminary sketch. My artist said he's changing the head a bit, adding more detail, and of course, coloring, but here's the gist of it. I love how simple it is as I'm not one for super complex things in any way from tattoos to food. I think it'll be great!
  22. I have the initial design and I like it. My artist is finishing it up and is going to send me my final design before my appointment to see if there are any changes I'd like him to make. But It looks great -- very simplistic which is what I want, both of my others are that too, it's the style I like I guess. Only one week to go now! I'm crazy excited!
  23. I have my appointment scheduled! July 1st :) It's payday too which makes it that much sweeter.
  24. Thank you for sharing your experiences @tay943 and @polliwog. When I'm not at work I live in dresses and leggings, and when I'm at work I wear this one pair of dress pants that are actually too big, but will be good for when the tattoo is healing I think since nothing will be rubbing against it.