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  1. Yeah I was thinking of getting a Norse themed sleeve but maybe I'll just save up for laser and then use the sleeve on my leg for the cover up instead of getting it on my arm. Could use Yggdrasil (the tree of life) to cover up that spot.
  2. Yeah that's what I was figured. Probably not even a chance to get it touched up to get it look slightly better. Not much I can do on the removal front as I don't have the spare money for that sort of thing
  3. He seemed to have done fine on my buddies tattoo that he did before so I'm not too sure what happened. I am based in Niagara falls Canada. Yeah I wasn't looking into the whole cover up because I know how much work and pain that would be. Currently do not have the money for laser. Was looking for maybe idea of something I could add, a background, colour or something. Thanks, not sure if sarcasm because of the winky face.
  4. Hello everyone, I came here to hopefully find some good advice on a tattoo that I have. It is my first and only tattoo currently that I got some years back and was just looking for some advice on how to improve the tattoo and how to fix a few things. I was young and was just caught up in the tattoo hype and the artist didn't do that great of a job to boot. Now onto the advice I am looking for, the lines are blown out and aren't that good of a line job in the first place and I was also hoping to maybe get some ideas to help make it look a bit better than it currently does other than getting the
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