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  1. update: I've finally decided to fill the inside of the flower as you can see with the photo below. Healed after 2 weeks so still some time to complete the healing. Basically, I believe that it's improved because it looks more like a finished tattoo but I still don't feel comfortable about it. I really feel bad about this whole tattoo story...... Just feel a bit better and hopefully will have confidence enough to be able to wear some tee shirts sometimes this summer as I never wore one since i got this tattoo in December and only 3 persons saw it.. still the same problem, up clos
  2. Dear All, Despite your good advices not to touch it anymore, i've decided to start on working to improve my tattoo a bit, as I really just can't see it empty like this anymore. So I drew what I thought about. I'd be glad to hear some opinions before I decide to get it or not. What do you think about it? Do you think it would be an improvement or the contrary? Thanks again.
  3. Somehow yes, I'm trying to figure out if how the white would react being applied on top of solid black and of solid grey. Can white be used to cover black? Can white be used to cover grey? How effective is that? See an example of a sleeve I found on Google below, it's clear that the sleeve was fully black, and then white was applied. But it's also clear that the white was freshly applied. So will the white last in time? If yes, would I be correct saying that regardless of the tone/color of your tattoo, white can always cover it? Last question is; if a tattoo was made and is to
  4. Thank you for sharing your experience. I just would like to ask one clarification to be sure we are talking about the same; What I meant by my question is, let's say you have a black and grey tattoo for few years, already. It's healed and well in place. After these few years, if you put white ink on top of the black or grey ink which is healed, already, what would be the result? Would your black & grey tattoo be lightened? The true question is; is it possible to lighten a tattoo using white ink or because the black ink can't mix with the white ink in the skin, that process of lig
  5. Cheers everyone! All is in the title :) Not really that I want to try that process, but I found very little informationn about this on internet and no pics "before vs. after" when healed. Usually, the photos you can find on internet about using wite ink over grey or over black are directly when white ink is freshly applied on a black tatto so we don't see how it fades through time and what is the true result. So does anyone ever try to use white ink on top of grey ink? Or black ink? How was the rendering of it? Did it heal well or does it look weird and it's definetely not recommende
  6. Thanks a lot for your answers and for your time reading my post. Means a lot to have external feedback from people that are into tattoos for long. This community is great.
  7. Hi everyone, I am rewriting on that topic as I have a more direct question. I am sorry to seem so "unsure" and writing again in the same post but hey, most of you might know the feeling...: So basically, do you think this tattoo is fixable and there are artists that could definetely help it look better or do you think I should not push and remain like this as it might just become endlessly worst? Thanks guys,
  8. Hi guys, I have still a concern; as the tattoo is pretty dark/black already, would color managed to cover that black and define better the lines? Even light colors? I'm totally not against the idea of putting colors in the flower but I would like to have some of your inputs as to understand what result I should expect, sort of. thanks!
  9. Thank you for your messages and understanding. What I don't like about it is that from 1 meter away or more, the Sanskrit worded part looks "fatty"; like just if I would draw some lines with a markerpen, not nice at all, not delicate. Same for the Mandala part, it looks like a badly done ninja star or spider web and this is just not my style. I wanted something refined, not heavy.. and definetely not a ninja star and marker pen lines... :( @littlefox1970: thank you for the reco. I was myself wandering how colours would impact the whole thing. I was also thinking about placing someth
  10. Hi, I just edited my post, you can see the pictures there.
  11. Hi guys, Glad to join the forum, I am posting the first message here as I understood it is the rule. I will be straight forward, I was popping on the forum for some time but never felt the need to subscribe to it as I did not have any tattoo. That's not the case anymore and unfortunately that's a bad story... I wish I could share with you all an amazing tattoo that I got but I got 2 tattoos which just don't look right and it's annoying me quite badly. So first of all, I hope you won't judge me because I am already judging myself pretty much for these 2 tattoos I got behind my el
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